Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It has been hot. . .I mean really hot. Crazy hot. Unbearably so. I like summer, but when the temperatures go into the mid 90's and begin to flirt with 100, it gets unbearable to me and I begin to long for the cold winter days where I can actually put on a sweater! I know I'm weird. . .you all don't have to remind me! The problem with this kind of heat is that I am so uncomfortable that I just don't want to go outside! But, then the air conditioner breaks down. . .$250. later, we have discovered that we have a freon leak and that means we will need a new unit. . .at a cost of around $4,000.! Hopefully, our current unit, which the guy temporarily fixed, will limp it's way into September at which time we can turn it off for the year. . .then we'll begin saving to buy a new unit after the first of the year. sigh. I had such lovely plans for that money. . .
Aidan, on the other hand, loves the heat. He loves being outside so much that he just doesn't care if it is too hot for Mama or not! He just wants to be outside. So, we took him to the pool on Sunday. He absolutely loves it! He could not get enough of the water. Our only problem: he is not afraid of it! He plows right in and heads straight for the deepest part. When he goes under and can't get himself above the water, we go and pull him up and then he laughs and goes for more! Crazy!

At our pool, there is a funny large umbrella thing that has water cascading down that creates a wall of water. It's in the shallow kid section of the pool and Aidan took one look and went straight for it. So, Pat would go under and wait for him and Aidan would walk right through the wall of water to Pat! He didn't seem to care about the water slamming into his face and little body at all! Crazy!

Pat had to work on Sunday and when Aidan and I came home from church, Pat was in his work truck working on some trees that were in the VA Power right of way behind our neighbors house. I pointed and said, "Look, Aidan, there's Daddy." Aidan looked, but couldn't find Daddy. Daddy was up in the bucket of his truck so I said, "Up in the sky." Aidan finally saw him and from that point on, whenever Daddy is at work, Aidan points up and says, "Daddy sky!"

Aidan has figured out a lot of little ways to communicate with us. He calls anything that is mechanical and moves outside a BB. Daddy has a blue truck, that is also a BB; Mommy drives a red car (terms he also uses) that is also a BB, and so on. Last night he pointed to the sky and shouted "SKY BB!" He had seen an airplane and finally figured out how to tells us he saw it!

We have not discovered anything, yet, that Aidan will not at least try. He loves raisens, fruit, cereal, crackers, cookies, macaroni and cheese, and so on. This is his preferred method of eating watermelon:

It's messy, but he loves it!

Next time, pictures of my foot next to Aidan's. My sister Amy seems to think that will be funny.

Stay cool.

Stacy, aka Crazy in Love with Aidan, Harrison


Tamara said...

Hey Stacy!

Sorry to hear about the air conditioner. Yikes! It has been hot here in Michigan too. Pretty much just staying inside. Anja gets her tonsils out next week. Hopefully she will start eating and putting on some weight. She loves everything too, just can't swallow it.

ps- Aidan looks soooo happy in the pool!

Lori said...

Is that a farmer with Aidan in the umbrella pool?

Anonymous said...

Hope the air conditioner pulls through the summer! AHH owning a home is lovely sometimes! Love the all american pictures of Aidan. I agree with Lori... Pat does have a nice farmer's tan! HA HA! Love that guy! I bet Aidan will be ready for swim lessons next summer. I can't wait to swim with him next summer! Enjoy that little guy! And yes, a picture of feet from the two of you is a must!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy, Those pictures are so precious - He is such a doll! It looks like so much fun to take him to the pool. Have a great summer! Best wishes... Teresa