Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One if by Land. . .Two if by Sea. . .

Independence Day is coming! I love the Fourth of July. It is a great excuse to be proud of our country, even during times when there isn't a whole lot to be proud of. I mean, look at what we have accomplished in just 232 years! We have created a society that is free to all people no matter what your race, religion or any other pursuasion! How beautiful is that? And how close to God is that??? Seriously, Jesus was accepting of everyone. . .and that is what our forefathers set up for us.

Prior to going to Russia on our second trip, I decided to take the Citizenship test. Pat and I are natural born Americans so we have never had to take something like that and Aidan, being our adopted son, became an American as soon as we landed on American soil, so he won't ever have to take a Citizenship test. But, because this was so close to our hearts and I believe in our country, I decided to take it.

I did pass. . .in fact I got a 100% on the 100 questions I answered. . .I do have a degree in history, so I would have questioned myself if I hadn't! But, from what I understand, most Americans don't even get 50%!! So, in honor of our day, challenge yourselves! You can get the test from the USCIS web site, or here is a link for a sample of twenty questions Let me know how you did!


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Anonymous said...

Ok... so I got an 85%! Not too bad, for being out of school for 16 years! YIKES! Tell us all about Aidan's first 4th of July! I am sure he loved it!