Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A very hot Aidan

Sick again. . .Aidan woke up before 3:00 this morning and I heard him on the monitor. . ."Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. . ." I went in and told him it was night night time and then picked him up and went to the rocker with him. In my very sleepy befuddledness, I didn't notice how hot he was right away: Aidan sleeps hot and is typically very warm for a few minutes after getting up. When I did realize he was very hot, I immediately thought I had an electric blanket on, he was so warm! I went to get the thermometer and took his temperature. . . 103.9!! Yikes!! Motrin and more rocking and finally an hour and a half later he was back to sleep, relatively comfortable. But, when he woke up again this morning, back to 104.0! Worried Mommy finally called the pediatrician and found out there is a virus going around that encompasses loose stools (yep, we got those!), high fever (we're there!), and headache (probably, judging by his poor sad face and whininess!). He's napping now having fallen asleep at 100.6, relatively low, comparitively speaking! The pediatrician says this will take about 3 to 4 days to run it's course. Great!!! Cancel lunch at Clyde's with Mom and Dad. . .sigh. . .

Daddy is on the 3 to 11 shift right now. . .I heard him come in last night and, when he came up, go into Aidan's room. I smiled in my sleepiness. I know exactly what he was doing: staring in awe down at our little boy and thinking "Wow! I have a son!" It brings tears to my eyes and throat thinking about how selfishly long I made him wait for this time! But, we have Aidan now.

But, I want to tell you some funny and cute things about our little guy. Aidan has completely figured out his surroundings. We were driving home the other day and drove through town. We live just a couple of blocks from the downtown intersection of Leesburg and when we got there, Aidan said "Aya's Ows." I said, What, honey? And he said again, "Aya's Ows." He continued this and, in fact, he got more and more insistant about it and louder and louder. By the time we reached Ida Lee park, which is across from our house, he was super excited and I glanced back and saw him pointing. . .at our house! He was saying, Aidan's House! He knew we were getting close a two whole blocks away from our house! Wow! This is one smart little guy!

Last night, on the way to meeting Daddy for dinner, we stopped by a fabric store and bought a pattern for Aidan's Halloween costume--Mommy needs a couple of months to make something like this. He's going to be a Lion. We told him it is a BIG Kitty Cat and says GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAARRR!!! He is practicing. . .

Other words he is saying: outside, snack, cheese, snake, dog, shoes. Sometimes it takes us a while to figure out what he is saying because we are still learning Aidan-speak. But when we do figure it out, we are always amazed that he knows those words! He can only count to three, but we're working on it, especially when we go up and down the stairs. I think he understands the concept of five, though.

Check out the new skater cut!

A couple of things for you to contemplate:

What is the soul of a man? And, is your vocation also your avocation? More on those topics later. . .

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