Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moving on, time after time

This is been an interesting week for the Harrison family of Leesburg! After the events of last week, which included calls from several reporteres!!! and a newspaper quote taken from my blog!!!, we closed ranks and kept to ourselves as a family. I contemplated all week whether or not I should even continue keeping this blog. . .Ultimately, I went back to why did I start it? keep people informed of our journey and to possibly help someone who is still in process. . .Have I accomplished that?. . .Yes, I think so. . . Why should I continue? . keep people informed of our journey and of Aidan's growth and changes and to possibly help someone out who is still in process. . .Can I still do that? . . .Yes, I really want to. . .Not to mention that this blog has almost totally taken over my journalling! So, with that, I say good-bye to all of the events of last week and pfpfpfpftttt!!! to all of those nasty folks with nasty things to say about Americans adopting Russian Children! (yes, I allowed myself to read some of those horrible comments. . .terrible mistake!) Let me just end this paragraph and time in my life by saying, I love Aidan more than anything and if I had the money I would adopt ten more, whether they were just like him or not! Nationality does not play a role in raising a child in a good and moral home with good values and a loving eye toward the world as a whole. The end. . .

And with that, I have to tell you several funny stories of the week: I have had my ups and downs at the hands of Aidan. He has continued to be an excellent eater--we have not found anything he will not at least try! He does continue to throw tantrums, typically at the end of the day, and almost always because he has not gotten his way. We have tried time-outs and are now resorting to telling him quietly he is being rude. Everything I have read tells me that this is absolutely normal for a two year old. My mother tells me that me and both of my sisters were like this all through the year we were two and that it almost magically stopped when we turned three. . .Only ten months until Aidan turns three!!!

Aidan does have a little temper, and you can see it coming when he gets mad. . .he still loves to sleep, once he is asleep, and doesn't really like to get up. However, going to sleep is another story! However, our daycare provider tells me that he is an angel and will go on up the stairs to his bed for nap time when she tells him to. . . What's up with that????? Mosquitoes just love Aidan and his legs are now covered in bites, despite using Skintastic everyday!

Aidan loves to talk on the phone, so we gave him an old phone to play with. That might have been a mistake. . .But, he loves it and never loses it. The other night at bedtime I tucked it away under some books so he would forget about it--out of sight, out of mind--but the next morning, he ran upstairs saying "AYA's PHONE!!!" and dragged it out from under the books, having remembered exactly where mommy stashed it! The kids not stupid!
On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Aidan was so happy going to Day Care it almost hurt. . .especially when he ran to Dawn (our provider, whom I just love!) And then, on Thursday, when I picked him up, he didn't want to leave! Mommy's nose was out of joint and Pat called me on it by saying "Mommy's jealous!" when I said something to him about it! So, I spent all kinds of play time on Thursday with Aidan and then at drop off on Friday, he didn't want me to leave! Okay, I admit it. I felt a lot better! And, yes, I was jealous! Terrible.

On Sunday, I decided to fix pancakes and bacon for breakfast. While still in my pj's, I started cooking ( I make my pancake batter from scratch). Aidan was running around the house, with the dogs, while Pat continued to sleep. I heard Aidan go upstairs and then I heard him and the dogs running all over upstairs making all kinds of racket. I winced (a little) and continued cooking. Then, I heard, from the top of the stairs, Aidan yelling "MOMMY!!" Yes, Aidan? "DADDY'S NIGHT NIGHT!!!" I had to laugh. Then, I heard Pat laugh. I mean, really! Did Aidan really think Pat was going to sleep through all that noise? Too funny!

Yesterday, Aidan was looking at my arm and saw a large freckle on it. . .he touched it softly and then softly said, "Kitty cat." : )

The Loudoun County Fair starts in another week. I can't wait to take Aidan and show him all of the animals and hopefully get some cotton candy! But, today we're off to the pool to try and mitigate that 100 degree heat!

And, finally, here is a picture of Aidan playing on my in-laws computer from last Sunday. He figured out how to find Daddy's web page about overhead linemen! And that doctor said Aidan wouldn't go to Harvard!!! Well, I tell you, I didn't want him to go there anyway! He can go to UVA or Virginia Tech! Virginia has better schools than those Northern schools anyway! So, na na na!


Anonymous said...

I still follow your post and I live next door and see Aidan everyday(almost) and see how incredibly well he is doing. I am glad you are not going to stop blogging, this someday will be a gift to Aidan to read all about the funny and not so funny things he did as a child, teen etc. My girls ask for stories all the time and sometimes I just can not remember. And as for Harvard, I can not agree more, he deserves better, because for all of you that don't see Aidan on a regualar basis the kids is not only cute as a button but smart beyond his 2 years.

Joy said...

I would miss you if you stopped blogging. My mother in particular loves to see your blog when she is over. She is praying for a rad haired child.

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
I posted a few days ago about the news of our adoption agency suspension. I just went into your blog and I feel so terrible about the Harrison family - It must be so sad for you especially since you met them in person. I can't even imagine what they are going through. Prayers go out the family. I am glad you have continued your blog.
Take care...Teresa