Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Your typical Independence Day!

We enjoyed your typical Fourth of July. We had all of the usual elements, including several downpours of rain! But, all was not washed out. . .Here are some pics from the Independence Day Parade:

Children gathered and waiting
in anticipation of the parade
about to start (notice how big my
two year old looks next to our seven year old neighbor!)

We had the usual signs of pride!

Followed by the usual fife and drum corps

Followed by the usual assortment
of Fire engines! Excitement when they
turn on the lights!

Followed by the usual Fourth of July

And the awe and wonder of it all
shows on Aidan's face after Mommy
finally gets him a little flag to wave!

The rain held off until after the parade, at which time the sky opened up and poured on us all. But, the pork loin continued to smoke and we had excellent pulled pork sandwhiches later in the day. The firework display went on as usual, although the air was so heavy with moisture that the smoke did not dissipate as it should. But, the display was beautiful, none the less. Aidan, did pretty good. He didn't cry . . .but he really was happiest being held by Mommy and he plastered his cheek to hers and didn't move. He actually did best with the small fire works that people were doing on the ground. The larger ones in the air I think troubled him. We live close to the park and can hear them actually go up from our deck. So, it probably scared him some. But, now he has had a taste and I think in years to come he will really love this tradition of ours!
The dogs, by the way, did great! Both stayed outside and did not bark or cry at the noise! What a relief! Maggie was just born on the last fourth and Mosby had been inside. . .


Joy said...

I love the camel. It looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

I love to see his first 4th of July!!! 4th of July is the best holiday for everyone!!!