Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!

Let it begin!!!

Tonight's game doesn't start until 8:00, so Aidan probably won't see any of it and I will probably only see the first half, and it is only pre-season. . .but, YIPPEE!!!!

Aidan and I went shopping at the Outlet Mall yesterday morning. We got a lot of great stuff for him for the coming winter. Lot's of nice casual clothes, with an eye toward potty training, and even a couple pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. I'd like one more full dress outfit for him that he can wear to church, too. I also was able to get two pairs of shores: sneakers and a pair of dress shoes, both from Stride Rite. Carters had the best selection of clothing for the best prices, but Gymboree was a close second. I was even able to get a pair of camoflage underwear at Carters and a potty training incentive! Last week I ordered a full camoflage outfit for him, pants, fleece pants, shirt, hoody jacket, hat and even hiking books. He can go scouting with Daddy now dressed just like him!

On the way out of the mall, I took Aidan to the toy store: a kid's wonderland of all kinds of play opportunities!!!! : ) He wanted one of everything. . .even the dolls (disturbing, but he is two!). We bought two toy truck things, a broom and a dustpan, and a kaleidoscope, which interested him for about a half hour.

Then, yesterday evening, we met some friends at Dulles Town Center. The only thing I accomplished there was to get Aidan some Gummy Bears at the candy store. No one had my size shoes or even Pat's size shoes!!! I hate that. . .I guess I'll have to order the expensive running shoes from Road Runner again. At least I can get my size! What I wouldn't give for a nice brown leather slip on casual shoe in my size. . .sigh.

Our Six Month Post placement visitation is coming up next month. We still have about 6 weeks until the meeting--it's scheduled for September 13th and will give our Social Worker time to get the report done, sent back to us for notarization and apostilles and then back to her to send in--but I thought I would start getting some pictures together to have ready for our Social Worker. So much has happened since we've been home and I'm sure we will talk about the status of Russian Adoptions as a result of the other local Harrison couple (the hearing is scheduled for later this month) but I'm also sure it will all go well. Tomorrow marks 4 months since Aidan came to us from the orphanage. . .can it only be 4 months that he has been with us???Hasn't he always been with us???

Well, church and then grocery shopping and then I really MUST vacuum. . .


Joy said...

It does not seem possible that it has been 4 months. On one hand it feels like his picture has always been on the blog and on the other hand it seems like it was just yesterday that you were in Russia.

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I love reading the updates on Aidan. I agree- I love Carters clothing for babies. I always get the cutest baby gifts there. Wow - 4 months. Looks like he has always been with you!
Take care and have fun with your cutie!! Warm wishes...Teresa

Anonymous said...

Seems like he has been in our family forever! It is truly amazing that is has only been 4 months! WOW! He fits right in like the last piece of our puzzle. Glad you were able to get him plenty of clothes. Little boys grow fast.