Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 25, 2008

Comments Potpouri . . .

There is so much to do, and so much to do!!! We have about 20 projects started around our house and all of them only need something small to finish them. For instance, we made the huge decision a couple of years ago to finish off our basement. We added a large laundry roon, a large Rec room, another bathroom, a closet and what will become the Man's Room. The Rec Room, Laundry Room and bathroom only need the baseboard and doors to be caulked and then the doors can be painted. The Man's Room needs many things, but in order to get the final inspection, the slate flooring that is already glued down just needs to be grouted. Also, the door to the Man's Room has been stained, but now just needs the finish to be put on and a door knob purchased and installed. We have everything to finish it all so now we just need to buckle down and do it!

Add to that, we (I) decided to remove the wallpaper in my kitchen and then to paint it. I did this while I was off after coming home with Aidan but still need to get the stuff off behind the refrigerator. And then we (I) need to finish doing the touch ups of the actual paint and to the trim. . .

We did finish re-doing the Study closet, though. . . Because of the stress of all of this extra work, I pinky swore (really!) with Pat that we would not start any more projects (I can think of at least 20 more that I'd love to do!) until those started are finished. And, we agreed that we will give ourselves the deadline of Thanksgiving to complete those started. It could happen!

But, now it is the end of summer. . .time to start stewing those tomatoes that aren't getting eaten fast enough and freezing them for later use and for harvesting of the basil to make pesto. I have all the supplies. I just need to do it!

When is there time to do any of these things with a two year old boy around???????????????

We had further confirmation on Friday that we need to always let Aidan get his nap. We had decided to have dinner out at TGI Friday's on Friday night. Close to home and relatively inexpensive (subject for a couple of paragraphs from now). We were told that he had only slept about an hour for that day's nap. Well, it showed. Aidan was in the worst temper he had been in for weeks! He was throwing things, being argumentative with us, and kicking the wall. At one point, Pat actually said we should just pay for our drinks and go get Taco Bell and go home! I somewhat stubbornly stuck to my position of eating out and it was the most unenjoyable meal we have had in a very long time. I should have listened to Pat. . .when we got home, a little after 7:00, I stripped Aidan down, put on a clean diaper and his pjs and plopped him into bed where he promptly fell asleep a minute later. There he stayed for 12 hours! Sometimes Aidan acts a little like a teenager. . .is he really listening? Or has he developed, at an early age, the knack for only hearing what he wants to hear? Sheesh! What will he be like as a teenager?!?!

My niece and nephew started schoold today: Kendall is now in the 7th grade and Tyler is now in the 3rd grade. Aren't they the best looking kids around??? Aside from mine, of course! : )

My mother called last night and reminded me that I will now have to decorate more for allllllll of the holidays. . .yes, I told her, I know. It's not really my thing, outside of Christmas, but I'll do it for Aidan. . .I need to find him a stocking, speaking of Christmas!

I was going over our budget the other day. . .I guess I will cut out my pedicures. . .it is the end of summer anyway. I am also looking to make a few other cuts like going out to dinner as often (how unfun!). These higher gas and food prices (we are buying a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk every week mostly just for our growing boy!) are killing our budget not to mention the lovely day care expense we didn't used to have! But, I am going to stubbornly hang onto my Cleaning Lady as long as I can. . .it's only twice a month! And what a time saver it is! : ) So, anyone know of a good miling cow and some laying chickens for sale??? Cheap???? : )

Blessings, and promises for less ranting next time!



Lori said...

buck up lady! I'm wilting under four of those things ova here!

Anonymous said...

Things will get done! It is all a project. Isn't that part of life? Tyler is actually in the 4th grade. He corrected that when reading this! Funny kid!!!
Once you have kids things get put off to the side a little. That is part of parenthood. The important part of life is just living it! Don't let it all get you down. It will get done, just maybe not right now. No big deal!:)
Thanks for mentioning the kids. They were thilled!