Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

These boots are made for Aidan!!!

Aidan now loooooovvvvveeesss boots. He saw Daddy wearing boots so he wanted to, too. First, we tried to wear Daddy's boots around (left picture). Because they were a bit big and bulky on our two year old feet, we needed some that were more our size. Luckily, Mommy had bought him some from Cabelas (right picture). We now want to weart them every day! Aidan says, when asked what shoes he wants to wear, "Aya's booooots!"
Aidan continues to do really good on the melt downs. He still has them, but they are becoming fewer and farther apart and less intense. I still worry about that cold Russian stare he gives me when he is mad, though! I think Aidan has actually adjusted better than Pat and I. He has assimulated himself into our home and lives like he has always been here and a part of us. I love that he feels so comfortable with us. I think it's really Pat and I who have had the hardest time: Pat because he is used to doing what he wants when he wants to and me because I am used to being quiet and by myself so much. Now, there is a two year old little boy running around the house and two big dogs running after him. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. . .but then I look at them and think I wouldn't trade it for all of the quiet there is! Well, five minutes of quiet might be nice, though. . .but I still wouldn't trade anything for it! : )
He found that blankety blank Duck and put it in his crib the other day without Mommy knowing. We found out that it ws there around two am when he rolled over on it and played its wonderful song! After hearing it for the third time, Mommy tiptoed into his room and removed the Duck which is now "somewhere else!"
The other night, Aidan was looking at his Big Truck book (truck obsession x 10!). He opened it to a certain page and then came running over and pointed to a certain truck and excitedly said, "Daddy's Work Truck!" And, you know what? It looked very similar to the bucket truck Daddy drives for work. Smart kid!
Saturday was a super fun day. We went to a neighbor boys birthday party where Aidan had a blast! I'll post some pictures we took soon. Saturday night we went to some friends for a cook out. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Aidan had a blast with everyone and he ate like a horse, too. Of course he was happy. He was "outlide" all day long! It was a wild day and evening and we were all tired on Sunday.
The dogs have progressed in their names: Maggie has been Maggie for a week or two now and Mosby has now been named "Moby" by Aidan. This morning Aidan hugged Mosby and said, "Aya love Moby!" Cute! At least Mosby has graduated from DOG. . .Now he's a whale!
This weekend we are going down to Aunt B and UB's house. They live in West Virginia and own Alpaca's. I wonder how Aidan will like them. . .he loved the cows and chickens he saw when he went to the hunting camp with Daddy last week, so hopefully he'll like these, too.
Today marks four months since we came home from Russia. We're going to measure Aidan tonight to see how much he has grown. I can't wait! I know he is a lot taller, possibly as much as three inches. . .however, he continues to weigh in at 30.4 pounds. No gain there, but he eats like crazy and drinks so much milk! All good things for a growing and healthy boy. . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, I have some cowboy boots that Auntie Jan gave Tyler. They are a size 9. Would Aidan want them? I just found them in Tyler's closet! I can just see him now in them! Adorable!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi, I am so glad to see Aidan is doing so well. Very cute pictures with the song! Have a great time with the alpakas this weekend - I am sure he will love them. Watch out, though because they are known to spit!

Joy said...

I just can not believe that it has been 4 months. It seems like just yesterday you were in Russia. I think Gerard and I will have the same thoughts as you are having. With our crazy work schedules we some times go days without seeing each other.

Gerard keeps telling me that will all change once the little one is here. That also has me a little scared because I will have the 2 of them looking for me all day.