Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning all about our little man

The more Aidan grows, the more he changes. . .he is really becoming his own little person these days. He talks constantly and 95% of the words he says are clear in their meaning. Not only that, he understands what we say allllllll of the time. He is so incredibly smart, he even knows the name of our street! We're still working on the number part, but when asked, he knows what street Aya's house is on!

It seems most kids from Russia are extremely yummy to mosquitoes and gnats. . .Aidan's legs and arms and sometimes his face, too, are nearly always covered in mosquitoe bites. But, the worst was actually gnat bites. Apparantly, Aidan is allergic to the gnats. Last Wednesday at dinner, I looked at Aidan's face and saw what looked like a black eye. I freaked a little and asked Pat what had happened (Pat had picked him up from Day Care). All Pat knew what that there had been a black spot, bug probably, by his eye that he had brushed off. The eye didn't bother Aidan and it didn't get any worse through the evening, so I forgot about it.

The next morning, when I got Aidan up, his eye was swollen on the inside next to the bridge of his nose. I put a cold compress on it and noticed that it didn't seem to bother him so off to Day Care we went. I told our lady to let me know if it got worse, of course, but still called a couple hours later. It ws the same, no worse and no better. But, then an hour later I got a call that the eye was starting to look worse. . .not the eye itself, which never even got red, but the area around it. I called and got an appointment with the pediatrician for that afternoon and by the time we got him there, Aidan's eye was swollen shut! Sheesh! A couple of doses of Benedryl, that night and the next morning, and all was well again, with the swelling having gone away by dinner on Thrusday night. The eye was bruised for a couple more days and you can still see where the gnat bit him, but it is all good now. Funny little guy only acted like "Why are you all looking at me so much and worrying about my eye??? It's all good!"

Last weekend was awesome. I took Friday off and got a lot done in preparation for our post placement visit coming up in September. All I need are a couple more pictures. I even got the US Passport application filled out for Aidan. We decided to renew our passports at the same time we get Aidan's so they will all be on the same schedule. Ours come due next April anyway, so it seems right to go ahead and do it now.

Saturday we went down to Aunt B and UB's and saw the Alpaca's. Before we went, I taught Aidan how to say Hi Aunt B and he actually did say it! The trip down was mostly uneventful. Aidan didn't begin to feel any car sickness until the very end, during the hairpin turns going up over the mountain from Harrisonburg. But, once we were straight again, he was fine. When we arrived, he took one look at the Alpaca's and said. . " Kitty cat Cow!" He was very excited to see them. He was pretty brave about being in the pasture with them, but didn't try to get too close. By the end of the day he was calling them Pacas.

He did get sick a little on the drive back down to Harrisonburg, but not until close to the end and only a little. Hopefully, he will eventually get his sea legs and the car sickness things will pass. . .I felt so badly for him, especially with the poor pathetic looks he would give me!

I'll post pictures of the Alpaca experience soon. . .as soon as we get them downloaded from the camera! In fact, I think we may have to do a picture post with all of the pictures we have on there!

By the way, summer is over in Krasnoyarsk. . .the high Thursday is going to be 42 degrees! and the low will be 26 degrees! Yes, fahrenheit. . .and that is below freezing! Brrrrrrrrrr. . .it's only August. . .

All you folks in process are in my prayers. . .especially that things settle down in Russia!


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