Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quandaries. . .

I have a couple of quandaries that don't really involve Aidan directly.

The first: On Saturday, the Redskins play Buffalo at 7:00 pm. So what? you ask? Well, Michael Phelps swims his first event at 10:00 pm on Saturday night. For a former competitive swimmer, that's a big deal. I guess I'll have to miss the last few minutes of the game. . .sigh. . .I hope they aren't critical minutes!!

The second: Every year, all of the ministry heads of the church are invited to a meeting at which the fall stewardship campaign, fall ministry fair, and other ministry head issues are discussed. This year, I am feeling like not going. . .the venue I used for my ministry--our newsletter--is no longer in publication and I didn't ever even find out if I have a budget this year--I had one last year, though. The other topics to be discussed this year will be the Capital Campaign, which I think is a topic for me and Pat to discuss without the church listening in, and to show off the work completed on the property. I will see that work at a tour I am scheduled for later in September. I just don't know about this one.

However, speaking of my ministry: I received a call from the church to give a lady a call up at the Loudoun Museum about some of my research. Pretty much it boils down to that they will be promoting my research and many of my articles that pertain particularly to the church. I have one more article and one old picture of the inside of the church to take up there. This year is the 250th anniversary of Leesburg, so this is really an honor to have my work highlighted in this manner at the museum. It's nice to be needed!

Aidan continues to do really good. He was a little more cranky today, but it was because his nap was cut short (Daddy picked him up early) and he didn't get his usual pantry full of snacks. But, he'll get to bed early and all will be well.

Daddy is taking Aidan up to the hunting camp tomorrow to scout for deer. No guns, though! Aidan isn't old enough for that, yet. But, he'll be decked out in full camoflage, thanks to Mama! Daddy will take some pictures to post later.

We got Aidan signed up for the fall swimming lessons at Ida Lee park. They begin on September 6th and will be half hour sessions beginning at 9:40 each Saturday and will run into the first weekend of December. Looking forward to this!

Finally, when we first got Aidan out of the orphanage, he was always saying Doby, doby, doby, doby. . .when we came home, he began calling the dogs Doby. Both of them. Pretty cute, considering this means "Happy" in Russian. The other day, I heard Aidan say a stiff Maggie and hugged Maggie really hard. However, Mosby is now just Dog. Poor Mos!

More later!

Aidan loves this song!! He always does the hand wave thing when he hears it!


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