Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


One year ago, I received a phone call from our Social Worker asking if I had checked my email. I said no and frantically began signing into my email account. She stayed on the line while I did so and here is what I found:
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I immediately began to cry. . .We still didn't have a travel date, but we were told that we would be traveling before the end of the year. We got our travel dates 4 days later with the word that we had 9 days to get our visas, plane tickets, clean cash and to pack! Insane. But oh so worth it!

We met Aidan for the first time on November 22nd, which was Thanksgiving Day. . .Thanksgiving will now always be a special day for us as that was the day we became a family of three. . .

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Teresa said...

Stacy - You guys must have just fallen in love with him just from the photos! What beautiful pictures!
Wow - A whole year - I am sure Thanksgiving is going to be very special for you all.