Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Bride

When I was a little girl, my mom listened to the Ray Coniff Singers Christmas albums (and yes, they were real albums with all the scratches and skipping, etc!). One of the songs was this one playing, Christmas Bride. I would twirl around, put a pillow case on the back of my head, and pretend I was the Christmas Bride. By the "doo wahs", I'm sure you can guess that this happened in the '60's! But, I loved this song. . .I had stars in my eyes about being a Christmas Bride one day. I just knew that Santa would grant that Christmas wish for me some day!

Fast forward to January 1984. . .I was still really just a girl, just 20 years old. And I met this boy. . .and I heard a CLICK! And I knew he was the one. He was so kind and gentle and always wanted to help everyone around him. His heart was so big! And his smile! Talk about being contagious!

Pat proposed with the absolutely loving consent of his parents, and mine, on June 14, 1986 and we were married six months later on December 13, 1986. Today marks 22 years since that day.

When we got married, we were very young. I was in love with Pat, but I have since fell in like with him, too. What I mean by that is that he is my partner in life, my friend, my confidante and someone I totally trust with all things having to do with me. When we said "I do" and "I will" we became one with God and with ourselves.

A funny story about 1986 and then I'll fast forward back to today:

In 1986, the Episcopal Church still did a few things that were kind of funny. . .okay they do a few things that are kind of funny now, too, but this is really hilarious. My mom made all of the dresses for our wedding: mine and my three brides maids. Yes, all of them. They were wonderful! Because it was the "Christmas season" I chose the color red for my Brides maids (I wish I had chosen something else, now). Anyway, we had gone to all of our Pre-wedding counseling, chosen our music with the organist, ordered the flowers and food and sent out the invitations and went to the church for one last meeting with the priest and church wedding coordinator. During this last meeting, a mere two weeks before the wedding I might add, the wedding coordinator asked about the flowers and the color scheme. I told her all about it with stars in my eyes and hearing "Christmas Bride" playing in my head. When I had finished talking about the red dresses, etc. I looked at the wedding coordinator and realized she was looking at me funny. She said, "Oh. This will not do! You can't have red in the church during Advent!" I was stunned! I stammered, "But, my mother made all the dresses!" In tears I looked at her helplessly and then turned to Fr. Bayfield with a look of anguish. So, next thing I know, our priest (a kind a wonderful man!) called the Bishop and received permission for us to have red in the church. Can you believe it??? How crazy is that? I do remember afterward thinking that they should have told me that red wasn't an "Advent" color!

Anyway, fast forward to today. . .I still remember that lesson every year, and while our church has relaxed a great deal since then, in truth, I never see red in there during Advent! I do, however, just to be a little rebellious, put a red tablecloth on my table every so often and especially on December 13th!

And, so, here we are 22 years later: living a very good life in our home in Leesburg, VA with our two year old son, two dogs, four cars and good jobs. I think we each found the right person to be our partner in life, our helpmate, our blessing.

Happy Anniversary, Pat! I love you very much! I am so glad that I will always feel like your Christmas Bride. . .


Sherri Fortun said...

Happy Anniversary Stacy and Pat!!! May your love continue for 22 more years, and 22 after that, and so on and so on....

Teresa said...

Dear Stacy & Pat,
Happy Anniversary! What a great story!!
Best Wishes...Teresa

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary! That is so interesting about the red in the church. Good thing you had a wonderful priest.

Your dress was beautiful. Congratulations on the 22 years!