Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Noooooo Mama! Aya dood it!!!

So, you'd think I would learn. Everytime I do something, Aidan gets mad at me and tells me he wants to do it. . .My little dudely is very independent! This has been increasing over the last few days and here is why:

For the past few months, Pat and I had been discussing potty training of the boy. WE had concluded that we would focus on this task during the Thanksgiving weekend after our company left. Thinking this would be a difficult task, we have been reinforcing and praising him each and every time he goes on the potty by giving a potty treat. He only gets the potty treat if he goes on the potty. So far, so good. Aidan goes on the potty and gets a potty treat. If not, no treat. All is understood.

So last week, I went and bought some pull ups in preparation and I began showing him his cool underpants with the cars on them. He loves them!

On Friday, we took our company down into D. C. to see the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, etc. We also went to the Smithsonian's museum of Natural History. Fun day! Knowing we couldn't really expect Aidan to train on that day, we put a diaper on him and brought the backpack filled with diaper goodies.

After we had lunch, Aidan began telling us he wanted to "pee pee on the potty!" We went in search of a bathroom only to find that because the museum was so crowded (Smithsonian's are all free) so were the bathrooms! Lines super long and out the door. Knowing he had a diaper on, we weren't too worried and figured we would change him when we got back to the car. When we did, he was dry!!!

Then we drove back to Reston to have dinner at On The Border and again Aidan said he had to "go pee pee on the potty!" So, Daddy took him into the bathroom, where he was found to still be dry and then proceeded to go potty BIG TIME!! Seriously folks, this two year old held it all day long! Incredible!! We celebrated and told him how good he was and how proud we were of him. Since that time, only a couple of little minor accidents, but really he is going on the potty! Talk about training yourself!

Anyway, then on Saturday, we changed his crib into the Youth bed and told him it was a Big Boy Bed. He LOVES it! Now, he says, "Aya go night night in BIG BOY BED!!" Funy thing, though: he hasn't figured out he can get out any time he wants! I'm sure that's coming, though.

Fast forward to this morning: I got him up as usual and proceeded to take him into the bathroom to go potty. But, then I made the first of several mistakes. I pulled down his pull up! NOOOOO MAMA!! AYA DOOD IT!! So, I pulled the pull up up and then he pulled it down to go potty. And so it went for the rest of the morning. It seems Mama didn't learn the lesson very well. I made that mistake so many times that the part of our morning routine that normally takes 20 minutes took 40! If I had learned the leason the first time around, there would have been fewer tears and only a 5 minute addition to our routine.

I promise to try harder tomorrow!


Teresa said...

That is so amazing - Aidan is practically already potty-trained! He definitely wants to be a big boy already - How independent!

Tiger & Kar said...

Very cute! Good job Aidan!