Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, December 18, 2008

So, about those 'Skins. . .

Sigh. . .I had such great hopes for them this year. They were off to such a great start, too! But, they fell apart in mid-season. There are rumors and speculation that Jim Zorn won't be back. That would be a huge mistake!!! This is his first year and, yes, some mistakes have been made, but he's also started something that I think could be really great. . .if Dan the man gives him the opportunity, that is. The biggest thing that needs to be done is get a Quarterback in there that has some spirit! I think Jason Campbell is a nice and intelligent guy, but he is not the One for the Redskins. There are two games left and they aren't in the Playoffs (grrrr) so why not give Colt Brennan a chance to check things out???

Ah well, there's always next year (as we Redskins Fans are heard saying year after year after year after year after year, ad infinitim)

And, because the Cowboys are now doing better, I'm going to have to throw a snowball at my friend Allison on Facebook just to make myself feel better. . . : )

Aidan continues to improve. He does really good when he is at home and we are really seeing an improvement in his nasal congestion. All very good stuff. During the day, however, I guess he is wheezing quite a bit. I get so many phone calls from my Sitter that I'm starting to feel annoyed. I know she has Aidan's health in mind, but I keep saying the same things (what the doctor tells me) that because he hasn't ever been exposed to this stuff (all new germs for him!!) he is going to take longer to heal. You can't compare him to other kids when it comes to this! Well, anyway, he is really doing so much better. Mama and Daddy are having some congestion issues, too, but I think we'll be okay.

Please say a prayer for my friend Dana who was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. There are two types that she has been diagnosed with. She had a Bone Scan yesterday and will have a CT scan today and then sees the Oncologist for her treatment protocol. She is a wonderful lady in Christ.


Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
Prayers going out to your friend. I hope Aidan is 100% really soon and you all feel great by the Holiday! I had the flu over Thanksgiving, and now I have a wicked cough I can't seem to get rid of. I guess - Tis the season!
Take care and Happy Holidays!!

Joy said...

It is so hard when the little ones are sick. You are right sometimes they sound worst right when they are getting better.

I send up a prayer for Dana. I hope that everything works out well for her during her up coming tests.