Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aidan's Ladies. . .

Before I get into the Love Shack information, I have to say I can't believe it has been a year since I have been blogging!!! Incredible! And to think I didn't start before that because I thought it was going to be hard to set up. . .

So, Valentine's Day. . .yes. . .it was nice. . .we don't usually do a lot, for Pat and myself, but this year took on a whole new dimension. Aidan. And his ladies.

Let me begin at the beginning. . .

You all have read about the girls he has been seeing lately. But, there have been girls in his past. . .Ellie. . .whom he still holds a firm attachment and love to and for!!! And then, there are our neighbors, Ava and Charlotte (Charlie), whom he also loves, and then there is also Catherine, the two year old daughter of a very dear friend of mine.

And so, yesterday, Valentine's Day, we were invited to two birthday parties: one for Ava and Charlie and one for Catherine. Both were at the same time but in totally opposite directions from our home. Catherine lives up near Mt. Weather, a 20 minute drive to the west, and Ava and Charlie's party was at the Ashburn Ice House, a 20 minute drive to the east. We had accepted the one for Ava and Charlie first, so we went there and made arrangements with our friends to have pizza with them at dinner time--yes, we had a nice family pizza dinner for Valentine's Day!!

But, I digress. . .Pat had to work, so Aidan and I went off to the Ice House, where Ava and Charlie's party was. He had a blast. . .aside from the little girl who sat next to him and appeared to be pursuing him!!

Ava seemed to be having a good time, though!

Aidan survived unscathed and really enjoyed ice skating with the girls!

After nap, we were off to Catherine's house where Aidan really enjoyed playing with all of her toys. . .Catherine was really sweet and totally cute in letting him play with everything. . .Thank you and Happy Birthday Catherine!!

When we got home, it was really bed time, but we went ahead and celebrated our family Valentine's Day. . .

Aidan dancing to the love song the tiger is singing:

And so, we had the veritable Love Shack goin' on!!!

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