Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, February 6, 2009

Square Pegs. . .

I've been thinking lately that I would give up my position as Parish Historian at church. Nothing seems to be happening and there really isn't a place for me to put anything I uncover anymore. Added to that, I have been feeling a bit like the square peg in a round hole at church lately. Well, just when that thought happens, I get a call from our priest to do an oral history of a long time (lifetime) parishioner who is dying of cancer. Then, I get asked to participate in the possibility of putting an article in the Diocesan Newsletter about our Stations of the Cross practices. And, I also get asked to do a Lenten Reflection article.

I said yes to the oral history--this is what interests me and I love to see how others have been moved over the years toward Christ; I said yes to the writing of our Stations of the Cross practices and found out today that my offering will be published in the Diocesan Newsletter; I submitted a Lenten Reflection about some of our experiences in Russia and how that was Our Wilderness and found out today it will be used in a Parish Lenten Reflection booklet. . .and so, God has told me that I am not really a square peg afterall and that I am doing what He wants. Go figure!

Tonight we got together with some friends we have not had time to get together with in a very long time: Kim, Gary and Erin. Erin was born last June and I have goodnaturedly teased Kim that Aidan would marry her someday. Well, I think he loves her!

I can't wait to see these two grow up together!

When we got home, we hung out for a bit and then, when I put Aidan to bed, he said "It very dark out Mom." Yes, baby boy it is. But you are safe here inside with the light!


Joy said...

It is interesting that some times square pegs are needed so that the rest can stay round.
And do not be marring off Aidan to Erin yet. I have a girl coming you know.

Teresa said...

Oh - How cute those two are together!! What adorable pictures!!