Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day

Okay seriously folks. . .wouldn't you be scared and see your shadow if you were dragged out of your warm bed at O dark 30 and there were bright lights and cameras and lots of people everywhere? So, where is the science in this Phil seeing his shadow thing???? And, not to mention that there are actually six more weeks of winter, according to the calendar. . .

It's starting to snow. . .just like last Monday night. . .and it's starting to stick. . .just like last week. . .it's starting to feel a little like Groundhog day!

Last night, when I was putting Aidan to bed, I had a terrible headache. It had grown all day to the point that when I put him to bed, I didn't want to keep my eyes open at all. But, I persevered, for Aidan's sake, and read him a book. He wanted a longer book, but I told him, "Oh, Aidan honey. Mommy's head hurts really bad. Is your short truck book okay?" And he replied, "Ok, Mama. Aidan kiss it and make it better." And he kissed my forehead. My head was truly feeling better by the time I hit the pillow!!! I just love that kid.

Weight Watchers upday: I haven't really lost anything the last couple of weeks. I have stayed the same, though. I have increased my running, though, so I feel good about things. I was up over 16 miles last week. . .I will stick to things and hope for the best. I know it will drop like a rock soon.

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