Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Year Ago. . .

Lori wanted video of Aidan ice skating. . .I'll do that soon, I promise. But, for now, here is a little video of Aidan riding his bike, sending me a kiss and Maggie and Mosby barking because they can't leave the yard!

A year ago, I went out to lunch, uncharacteriscally, and when I returned there was a message waiting. Not unusual in my busines, and I didn't check it right away. I finished what I had been doing before I left for lunch and when I checked it, I couldn't believe my ears!!! It was a message from the travel agent that our Agency uses! Her message was something like she had heard from Dr. D that we had a court date of March 25th and she wanted to get started quickly on working on our travel arrangements and visas!

I started to shake. . .what was this??? I hadn't heard anything from my agency and, in fact, I thought we had a least another month to wait!! But, I called her back. Of course! I began the preliminaries of our travel arrangements and began to download the visa application forms and then called my agency. . .our social worker was out at the moment!! sigh. . .I told the other social worker what was going on and she said there had been a message for our social worker from the Grand Rapids office so she called them for me. When she called back, she had the best news ever!!! Confirmation that we had a court date and we were scheduled to leave in 18 days!!

When I think back to that time, I still can't believe it all happened so smoothly, with the excpetion of our actual court time, that is. And I can't believe it's been a year. . .


Teresa said...

My dog is barking like crazy right now because of your dog barking in the video-My dog is such a nut!
Very cute video. What a great memory of your court date!

Tiger & Kar said...

What a cute video! Congratulations on this anniversary. Amazing how fast time has gone by, isn't it?

Chris Goeppner said...

It's amazing how fast time goes by, isn't it? I didn't realize your little guy was from the same orphanage as our boys were from. That orphanage was awesome, as far as orphanages go, thanks to Galina.;)

Joy said...

Really a year!! I know I found your blog when you were getting ready to go for your court date. I just can not believe that it has been that long.