Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wind She Was a Howlin'!

Last night the big front began coming through that has been affecting the weather all across the mid-section of the country. When that happens, we get big winds. And I mean big winds. We have gusts over 60 miles and hour. This will continue throughout the day and our 70 degree weather will then be gone, replaced by our more typical 30 to 40 degree weather. Our taste of Spring is over for now.

I'm not sure what time the wind started. We have been in our house for almost ten years so I have gotten used to the heavy wind pounding into the house. There is nothing to break the wind so it comes down from the Catoctin Mountains, across Ida Lee Park and then slams the side of our house. I can usually even hear it coming, almost like a roar, across the park and can anticipate when it will hit the house. Fortunately, it is the side our bedroom is on. Aidan is on the opposite side.

However, apparantly Aidan still woke up. Pat was awake, probably thinking the phone would ring and work would be calling him in early, and he jumped out of bed, thereby waking me up, and said, "Where you going, buddy?" I then heard Aidan say, as he was heading down the stairs, "Lookin' for Mama!"

Pat ushered him into our room and into our bed. . .that was 3:30 am. Poor little guy! If he had called for me, I did not hear him--I had turned the monitor down when I went in to cover him up on my way to bed (it screeches if it is too close to the base)and forgot to turn it back up. When he snuggled into bed with me and then Daddy got in bed, Aidan waved his arm toward our window and asked me to make "that" go 'way! I would if I could, little dudely!

Anyway, so I have now been awake since 3:30. . .Aidan went back to sleep at 4:30, but his little heart was pounding for a while! I went into his room to listen when I got up and, although the wind isn't a bad sound in there, you can hear the debris scritching on the roof and siding. . .and our motion sensored lights, which usually only come on when a car passes but I now see come on with heavy wind, too, are clearly visible from his bed. . .Of course he was scared!!! Poor little guy.

So, although tired, I feel pretty good and love the fact that he came looking for me. . .but then I have to wonder, Why was he going downstairs??? And then I realize, he has never seen me in bed!!!

Thus endeth our first getting out of bed on our own experience.


Joy said...

Oh that is so sweet that he came looking for you. That speaks volumes about how attached he is to you.

Teresa said...

I agree that that IS just the sweetest!
In CT, the wind was unbelievable last night, too!