Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good News and Bad News

This is all about good news and bad news. . .there is a side to each story!

Good News:
We had our new air conditioning unit installed a couple of weeks ago. Well ahead of the impending summer. . .so we thought. But, actually, it works great! We have test driven it over the weekend and the house feels fantistically cool, with the exception that the basement is uncomfortaby cold. It actually hurts to be down there!

Bad News:
So, it's like in the 90's!! What is going on??? It's only April!! This is rediculous! I'm hoping it is only a test drive!

Good news:
I finally cleaned out Aidan's closet and dresser. I reorganized and pulled out everything that no longer fits. I got two good sized bags that I'm giving to a lady at work who is expecting a boy in July.

Bad news:
I got two good sized bags of clothes that no longer fit Aidan!! He's growning sooooo fast!

Good news:
We finally refinanced our house and went to closing the other day. We'll be saving several hundred dollars per month because of this . Plus, although we will have to pay tuition for Preschool this fall, our Daycare expense will be going down. And, we'll be paying our Tahoe off in less than a year. . .about 8 months from now. So, I'm getting my maid back. . .

Bad news:
Okay, so there isn't any associated with this one!! : )

But, here is a final picture of my cutie pie:


Rich and Jolynn said...

I think it is great that you are saving that much on your refinance! We hope to be that lucky as well. Your son is such a cutie pie and I know how happy your friend will be to have some really nice things for her new baby boy.

Lori said...

AAAHHHHH...good news...gotta love having a maid, I know I do:0)

Joy said...

Oh I want my maid back too!