Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, October 22, 2009


No we don't have it. . .thanks be to God! However, it is rampant in our area. Schools are reporting incredibly high numbers of children out, all due to H1N1. The Seasonal flu has not even hit yet!

And now, many folks at my work have children at home with it. . .with one of my co-workers staying home today due to the suspected H1N1.

Aidan and I have had our Seasonal flu vaccine (Pat is supposed to get his this week at work), but I have been waiting, somewhat patiently, for the H1N1 vaccine to come in at the pediatrician. I did have Aidan on a priority list, but nothing yet.

I have been checking the pediatrician website and there hasn't been anything posted. So, on Monday, I called to see what was up. All I was told was that they did not have it and that they did not have a projected date. Now what? I waited. . .and then found out on Tuesday about the children of co-workers who were down with it. So, on Wednesday, I emailed our local Health Department and asked if they had any advice. I was told that they are having two clinics a day for as long as they have the vaccine.

Today, I called the pediatrician again and confirmed that it will be okay for Aidan to get his first vaccine at the Health Department and then, when they finally get there's (now projected for a month from now), I can take him to get his second vaccine. So, off to the Health Department we will go tomorrow morning. . .barring anything happening overnight!!

Doesn't it just feel like we're behind the curve on this??? What's up with that???


Tamara said...
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Tamara said...

Anja gets her's on Monday and hopefully Soren will soon after. It's crazy up here too. I spent the entire day working on influenza cases. Stay health! :)

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi, Oh I pray you all don't get it! It is so scary - I don't know why the shots are taking so long to be available in some areas. Hang in there and Be well...