Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's in a name???

Names sure are funny creatures. . .even if a name is given in love, and really fits, the original, if one exists, always seems to hang around.

Aidan's given name, in Russia, was Stepan Vladislavovich Nosov. Obviously, once the adoption was complete, the last name was going to be changed. I was not really crazy about Stepan--not that it's bad, just didn't hit me, you know? He was called Steopa in the orphanage, which I didn't really like. And I really didn't like Vladislavovich. I kept thinking about Vlad the Impaler. . . not at all a good start in a new family!!

And so, we chose Aidan because we really loved it for it's celtic nature and Josef (Eastern European spelling on purpose) in honor of the man who made it possible to complete this adoption.

Call me sick if you like, but I have periodically asked Aidan about Steopa. At first we called him Steopa Aidan, while he was still in the orphanage to help him get used to hearing Aidan. Then, when he came out of the orphanage, we just called him Aidan and didn't bring up Steopa at all. He adapted really quickly and seems to have really liked the change. He started calling himself Aya almost immediately and that evolved, eventually, into Aidan. (I miss Aya, though!)

Anyway, after we came home, I started asking Aidan periodically about Steopa. At first, he would point to himself when asked where Steopa was; then he would point away--like Steopa isn't here!; then he started looking at us like we were crazy. Finally, we stopped asking. He seems to have been happy that we did. . .

About a couple of weeks ago, for the first time since just before last Christmas, I asked Aidan where Steopa was. . .here is what was said:

Aidan, where's Steopa?

Where's Steopa?

Yes, where's Steopa?

He's with Ellie.

With Ellie?

Yea, he lives there with her.

I was stunned. . .I think he connects Steopa with Ellie somehow. . .Ellie is the little girl Aidan came out of the same orphanage with in Sosnovoborsk. . .little minds are so amazing! It freaks me out a little.

However, I don't think I'll ask about Steopa again. . .The elf named Stepan will be enough of our little connection to the old Russia days. I'll reserve the next Steopa discussion with Aidan for when he's an adult, or at least old enough that I can discuss the entire process with him intelligently, with love and understanding.


Joy said...

Oh that is interesting. The connections that this little ones make always makes me wonder what they are thinking.

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow- that is interesting how he places the name as a different person, a different life. I'm sure he is much happier as Aidan!!