Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Awards!!!

As previously indicated, I was tagged with a Blog Award!!! My reward is that I have to post 10 little known things about me. . .and so, here we go. I apologize in advance if I bore you to tears.

1. I can't stand it when my dogs bark. It drives me absolutely crazy! And they do it alllllllllll the time. This made it to number 1 because it is evening and Pat isn't home yet. . .meaning that the barking is nonstop--as per usual when Pat isn't home!

2. I don't mind that Pat hunts, but right about now I am ready for the season to be over and for him to come home. NEED HELP DUDE!! GET THE DOGS TO STOP BARKING!!!

3. It freaks me out how easily Aidan gets a cough. We don't even get a hint that a cold is coming, and WHAM!! He has one. . .and a cough quickly ensues. . .

4. I LOVE freshly painted walls. And we just finished painting a huge portion of our house. It's awesome. . .

5. I am absolutely bugged beyond belief about how irresponsbile my church has been. Six years ago we were debt free and had a million in the bank. Now, no savings and over 3 million in debt. . .with over a million in an interest only loan on property that has decrease, drastically, in value. Not good. Not good Stewardship of parishioners money. . .

6. I LOVE the way my son smells right after a bath.

7. I LOVE to make Aidan laugh. . .his belly laughs are the absolute best!!

8. I LOVE spending good quality time with my husband just talking and dreaming about the future.

9. I LOVE to hike on the Appalachian Trail and can't wait for Aidan to be old enough to go with me. One leg of it is only 15 minutes drive from our house. . .we can walk from Harpers Ferry, WVA down to Bears Den at Mount Weather, VA in about a 1/2 day walk.

10. I LOVE the smell of cigars. . .I don't want to smoke one, but I love being around people when they are smoking them.

There you go. That's it. Hope you aren't yawning too bad!


Kristine said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have lurked on yours for a long time. Aidan is a beautiful boy! All of your children are!

I am with you on the church stuff...right now we are at the debt free part, but I know there are some big thoughts going on.

And the dog barking thing...can totally relate.

Maybe your husband hunts a lot so that he can relieve stress from Sooner football right now? What a bummer it has been.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


Kristine said...

Are the two above in the picture yours too?

Barb said...

I also hate listening to my dog bark! Hope things settle down and you don't feel your days quite so rushed!

Troy and Rachel said...

I love reading these lists - It's a fun way to get to know everyone better!