Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, November 20, 2009

Settling down. . .some. . .

After as crazy as the last few weeks have been, this week was relatively quiet.

On Monday evening, my husband finally came home from his sojourn in the woods. After he was cleaned up and settled, we ripped up the carpet in our Living Room. Nice thing to do when you are ready for some quiet time! : ) Tuesday saw us repainting the baseboard trim and setting out a few of the boards for the new floor. It's going to be really beautiful! I'll post pictures when it's done.

Wednesday was Grandma's birthday and we happily spent the evening celebrating: dinner at Blue Ridge Grill and then home for cake and presents. Aidan wanted to help so he got to blow out one of the candles. He's really growing up in that he is now understanding that other people, besides him, have birthdays. In fact, he now knows that after Grandma's birthday, then it's Nana's, then Jesus' birthday, then Daddy's, then Grandpa's, then Grandpa Dave's and then it's Aidan's birthday!

We made the wrapping paper on which he put A H on several times. . .I just love that he has learned his initials! I think we'll try to make some Christmas wrapping paper too (brown paper and some finger paint is all you need. . .plus some space to let it dry!)

Pat picked up Aidan yesterday and I was able to go to the grocery store to do the major portion of shopping for Thanksgiving. I have so many really awesome recipes planned! A few hundred dollars later, I was ready to head for home where Pat had built me a fire in the fireplace (even though it was nearly 60 outside, but how sweet is that?) and we spent a quiet evening.

Tonight we're supposed to pick up the remainder of the wood for the floors and tomorrow the Living Room will be started. Aidan has ice skating tomorrow and I will try to get some prep work done for Thanksgiving this weekend.

Other than Thanksgiving itself, next week should be even quieter. I'm really looking forward to a little time off work, cooking on a largescale and the beginning of a wonderful holiday season. . .only a week till Advent begins!

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Joy said...

I think I will try that too! We have not ventured into finger paints yet.