Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, November 21, 2009

When is the Penalty Box a Reward???

For the past several weeks, I have been taking Aidan to his Ice Skating Lessons at the Ashburn Ice House. He really loves it and has actually been counting down the days of the week for the number of days left of school before he can skate again.

Funny thing, though, is that he'll skate for a bit and then make a beeline for the Penalty Box. It's all I can do to re-direct his attention: step step glide. . .step step glide. . .okay do a circle. . .okay step backwards. . .okay do a hop. . .okay throw the beany baby. . .no! Aidan! Not the Penalty Box again! No!! Don't you realize you're probably going to spend a lot of time in here when you get bigger??? : )

So, today, I hit on a new idea. . .use the Penalty Box as a reward! Yes, that's the ticket!

Okay, Aidan, go all the way across the rink doing step step glide and then you can go in the Penalty Box for a couple of minutes. YEA!!!!!!!

Okay, Aidan, that was so good, let's go all the way across the rink going backwards and then you can go in the Penalty Box again for a couple of minutes. YEA!!!!!

It worked so well that he actually was happy to do a few hops, too.

On the way home, Aidan informed me that when you chew gum you're not supposed to swallow it. Only the gum juice. . . Hmmm. . .gum juice. . .sort of makes chewing gum seem a little less appealing, doesn't it? ?

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