Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life will slow down, right???

What a crazy and insane weekend!

After nearly two weeks of being on vacation, most of which was spent hunting, my husband was finally home. So, on Friday I had the day off and we spent the entire day shopping for Christmas, lunch together and then hired a sitter and went out for a nice dinner, just the two of us--all by ourselves. Aidan wasn't very happy about being left at home, but he seems to have settled down once the dinner choices were presented!

Saturday morning, while waiting to go ice skating, Aidan decided to check out the Target Toy add and informed me that he wants just about everything in it! uh oh. . .

Ice skating went great. Aidan continues to amaze me. He is really getting the glide going and is gaining control over his movements. He even jumped a couple of times, small jumps. Pat took some video of it, but I'm not sharing. . .it is mostly of my derriere! Not my best angle.

Saturday was capped off with a nice dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and then the Caps played again. . .and lost. Not a bad day, but some things could go smoother--such as my husband and I communicating better, on both sides!

We were up late on Saturday, all three of us, and then Aidan was up early--6:30am! So, we uncharacteristically skipped church and Sunday School and had a nice leisurely family breakfast and then headed off to the Floor Store where we successfully completed our floor transaction--in part--that we had started back in June. Lunch out and then home again. . .but, Aidan didn't nap. Well, maybe 5 minutes! We ended up letting him ride his bike with his friends for a while thinking I could get him to bed early. That ended up being more like 8:00--I pity his teachers tomorrow!! Aw well. We'll get caught up this week!

While the guys waited for me to finish doing the breakfast dishes, Aidan drew a picture of Mama on the driveway. . .

Yes, that's me. . .Mrs. Potatoe Head!! : ) Do you think Aidan is trying to tell me something????

Funny thing I noticed this weekend: there are a lot of Russians around here! Not too unusual since we are only 35 miles from D. C.. . .but, we are 35 miles from D. C.! A Russian couple sat behind us at dinner on Friday and then we met two more men today at the Floor Store. Funny!

And so, we are back to work and school tomorrow. Next weekend promises to be just as crazy: celebrate Grandmas birthday, which is actually Wednesday, and begin prep work for Thanksgiving! Can't wait. It's going to be great!

Oh, and I was tagged with a Blog Award! I am supposed to tell you all 10 little known things about me. If you are truly interested, I promise to post this tomorrow. . .I have to warn you though, I'm really very boring!

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