Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Day After

Yesterday, the morning after the big storm, dawned sunny and beautiful. And very cold. It was about 10 degrees! But the sun was out and it was really pretty.

Aidan and I ventured out to try and clear off my car, which is vey hard to do one handed. After about 10 minutes, which included trying to walk and sled in the deep snow, Aidan decided to play on the front walk with his Scaper and Bulldozer. That occupied him for another 5 minutes! Truly, this snow is overwhelming for me, an adult. I can't even imagine how he must feel not being able to see over the top of it!

The house and pipestem:

The entrance to the pipestem after the plow came by--this was all clear!

Aidan trying to amuse himself:

The day continued well. . .The Caps won (#14 in a row!!) and then the Saints won the Super Bowl. Daddy got home at about half time--he's been working like crazy this whole weekend!

Today we're off again. Aidan's school is closed. My doctors office is open, so I'll keep my appointment for this afternoon for my arm--hope Aidan doesn't freak if they take my cast off!! And, I got our taxes done!! Woo Hoo!!

And, now, I'm hoping to get to the grocery store to do a little restocking because. . .the weather forecast is calling for another foot Tuesday and Wednesday! I don't know where we'll put that. . .

When will this madness end?????

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Kristine said...

THAT is a lot of snow...oh my goodness. We have snow...but not like yours. I am going to stop complaining.

I really hope you get your cast off. I know you would feel better. You have been so productive...good for you!!!