Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Little Nothings. . .

We are majorly in the winter doldrums right now. Nothing is really happening. We can't go outside--we still have a lot of snow, although it is melting. The clear spots are turning to mushy mud and the non-clear spots are still piled high. We're tired of our indoor activities, though, so we're trying to get out some. I know Aidan will be happy to run and jump and ride his bike again!

I'm soooo glad March will be here in a few days. We can get snow in March, but really, our big storms usually don't happen after President's Day (February 15th this year). Grandpa's birthday is March 1st--we LOVE Grandpa's birthday!!

I haven't taken too many pictures lately. . .you don't really want to see more snow pictures or even mud pictures--although the one of Maggie covered head to toe in mud was pretty funny. . .to me and Aidan. . .not to Pat. . .But, I promise to have the pictures up this weekend of the FINISHED OFFICE! Yep. It's done. Well, actually, I'm putting the books back tonight and tomorrow night, and maybe Friday night, too. I'll also include a picture from Aidan's latest school picturess--really, really cute!

Aidan has his last ice skating lesson on Saturday and will have a couple more weeks of Swimming Lessons. He will then only have Soccer beginning in April through the end of May and then the summer off. . .that will free up our schedule some!

Aidan has been recovering very well from our first bout of Strep Throat. He is on Day 6 of the medicine with 4 more to go. He was feeling so well by Saturday, I had a hard time keeping him from doing too much.

Our new Living Room chairs arrive on Saturday. Yippee!!! Once those are in, I may start on the curtains for the Living Room and Dining Room. Other than that, no more projects for a while. Well, we will likely start one that involves replacing our back door and turning our deck into a Screened in porch, but we're hiring those out, so it's not really on our plates!

Only other news to give you is that we are soooo excited about the Olympics. The Americans are doing sooo well this year! Today are the Quarterfinals for Hockey. USA plays Switzerland at 3:00 pm Eastern Time; Finland and the Czech Republic at 10:00 Eastern time; the winners of these two will play in the Semifinals on Friday at 3:00 ET. Also today are Sweeden v. Slovakia at midnight and Russia v. Canada at 7:30 Eastern Time; the winners of these two will play on Friday at 9:30 ET. Obviously, we will root for the good ole' USA all the way, but we'll have to root for Russia, too. After all, in addition to Aidan being Russian, the Russia team has three current Capitals players and two more who were on the Caps until last year. Never fear, though, USA!! USA!! if US plays Russia at all in the coming finals. . .Aidan won't mind. . .

At least the Olympics are adding a little excitement to our lives!! : )

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Barb said...

I know what you mean about getting tired of snow pictures . . . I'm so ready for some warmer days. . .