Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Office and stuff. . .

So, I am happy to announce, the office is 95% complete!! I'm ready to share some pictures. . .First some of BEFORE:




And, now. . .

We (euphemistically used) still have one more corner shelf to put in, the last of the baseboard to add, some touch up paint and a nicer desk chair to purchase. . .but, we're done enough to feel comfortable working in there again. I really love it. Pat did such a great job!! I even have one shelf devoted to my Russian books, Russian icons, and some other Russian paraphanalia including my map of Russia. . .Love it!!!

And, our new Living chairs arrived yesterday. Now I know that, if we get a piano, we really can't have anything bigger than a Loveseat in there!! : ) But, aren't they pretty???

Aidan is doing really well. We have one more dose of his Amoxicillan and then we are done. The first bout with Strep is over. . .he has been having some issues where he has been waking up at night. He used to call out and I would go to him and comfort him and get him back to sleep. Now, however, he just comes down the hall and climbs in bed with us. Typically, we wake up, briefly, when he does this, and then fall back to sleep. Invariably, though, I will wake up very sweaty a couple of hours later because I have my Aidan blanket on. . .Last night, thanks be to God!, he stayed in his own bed. . .

He has also had some issues, minor, at school lately. It started because his teachers were coming in later so he was having to go to another room until they came in. I adjusted my work start time to be later so he could go straight to his own room. that resolved things. . .briefly. . .then he got a new teacher--for his group--and we had some minor issues again for a few days. It has now resolved, but it reminds me that, although we don't have Attachment Issues (caps on purpose) with us, we do still have to be careful about changes in who are his direct Caretakers. . .makes me glad that I had him in a home environment for the first year at home, even with the things that popped up there!

My arm has been aching a lot lately. I started PT last thursday and will be doing this twice a week for about the next four weeks. I am beginning to wonder if this is ever going to be over!! I know it will, and quicker the more diligently I follow the recommendations, but it is hard! If this weather would just get better and warm up!!--that is allllllll I'm going to say about the weather. . .

A blogger friend has contacted me about going to an Easter Party with the kids at the Russian Embassy in D. C. . .AWESOME!!! We are sooooo going! And, I'm trying to talk Pat into going to see Fiddler on the Roof at the National Theatre, about the same time period. I think he'd enjoy it!!

And, finally, here is my cute little dudely. . .

Gotta go, USA is playing Canada for the gold in Hockey and it's 2 to 1 USA!!


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sonflowerjax said...

Wow! Your office leaves me speachless! I love it! And, what a cute cute boy! :)