Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Years of Blogging. . .

Incredibly, it's been two years, to the day, since I started this blog. . .on that day I was feeling the desolation point of our wait between trips. It was a mere 2 1/2 months since we had seen Aidan, but it seemed like it would be forever until we saw him again. I worried about how much he was growing and changing without us. . .without me! I didn't know it would only be 13 more days until we got the call about going back!

So much about our lives has changed in the past two years. We used to just pick up and go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. Now we have the kiddo to think about. My morning routine and Pat's evening routine have both changed to include our shared responsibilities for Aidan. When planning meals, I always think about what will Aidan like? before moving in on my decision of what to cook. Our evenings and weekends have begun to fill up with extra-curricular activities Aidan is involved in: Ice Skating, Swimming and soon, Soccer. And, lest I forget, we have introduced new customs into our lives: wearing Jamas inside out to encourage snow (although Grandpa emailed us to not let Aidan do this anymore and I quite agree!), playing hide and seek, and, of course, the ever present Tickle Bug!

It's all sooooo good!

And, I'll leave you with a little something Aidan said, upon leaving St. Gabriel's Church on Sunday (this is the church we have been thinking of going to for a while and finally went), "I like this church, Mama!" Hmmmmm. . . .out of the mouths of babes. . . .

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