Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 Year Old Check Up. . .

Well, we had our 4 year old check up today. Aidan is 42 1/2 inches tall and in the 95th percentile for height. And, he is 40.2 pounds and in the 75th percentile for weight. He is no longer my little chunckamonka! I expressed some concern over his hot and cold on eating and the pediatrician was awesome! She explained that just because he is no longer chuncky, especially in the cheeks and tummy, it doesn't mean he isn't healthy. In fact, Aidan is exptremely healthy and scoring well above in most other areas: verbal skills about age 6; written skills-really?? about age 6!; language skills (he knows a good bit of Spanish already!--about age 9!!; and balancing about age 12!! (due to the ice skating, of course. . .--look out Ovie and Semin!! A. J. Harrison is coming!!) Aidan is really very athletic, so it is not surprising that he is tall and lean. . .okay. Mommy will try to relax already!! : )

Aidan is also doing really well in so many other areas: he is kind; he is gentle when he needs to be; he is a jokster--he is a kid! I just love this little guy so much!!

He expressed so much concern today about having shots, that the pediatrician said we could get a waiver for this year. He needs an MMR and the DPT. . .but these are still current because they are only a year old and he can get them updated before he starts Kindergarten. Sooooo, she said, let's let it go for this year with the understanding that we come in to get them if one of these diseases rear their ugly heads during the coming year. . .Thank you, thank you, Dr. Rappaport!!!!

A funny question came up: have we done any International Traveling with Aidan? Uhhhh. . .other than coming home from Russia two years ago??? Nope. I guess she was trying to find out what we were doing on a Social Services level and I explained he does have a US Passport and we're working on the Virginia re-adoption. . .we thought about going to Mexico this summer, but it just seems a little too unsettled to take a small child in there. . .we're going to Emerald Isle, NC instead. I think she understood.

Other than that, she was totally impressed with Aidan's balancing skills--bike riding, ice skating, standing on one foot. . .he is really good at all of that! I was only a little unsettled seeing my little son in his underpants--he just seemed so little and unprotected that way!! But, he was fine.

Anyway, that was all and now we're good for another year. . .hopefully, we don't have to see the good doctors at the pediatrician for a while. . .

Not that we don't like them! : )

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Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - Aidan is getting so big - Daniel is tall and thin too! Wish I had those genes! It sounds like Aidan is really flourishing!