Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach Trip July 2010

Well, beach week 2010 is coming to a close. But, we really had a good time. It was so nice to get away, just the three of us, for a week of fun in the sun!

We arrived in Emerald Isle a little after 2:00 on Saturday with only "Are we there yet?" numbering in the low hundreds. . .Aidan even waited until we were almost in Fredericksburg before he voiced The Question for the first time. . .

While Mommy got us settled, Daddy, Aidan and Maggie went out to greet the beach properly.

Then, we were off to dinner and grocery shopping (along with everyone else who had arrived that day!)

Sunday, we only had the morning on the beach.  It stormed pretty good that afternoon and evening. . .but, Monday through Wednesday were hot, hot hot!!!!

Buried in the sand. . .everyone does this, right???
Riding the waves!
Drippy ice creams are the best!
Painting seashells with water colors is a fun occupation when you need to be out of the sun!

Maggie didn't like being left out of the fun, so. . .

By Wednesday afternoon, we were all feeling a little like enough sun for a bit, so we packed ourselves up for a road trip to Beaufort, home of Blackbeard the Pirate and the recovered Queen Anne's Revenge!

We walked around town a bit and looked at the houses and the boats and then went to the Maritime Museum where Aidan loved the Pirate stuff, but was not so crazy about the Diver in the old fashioned diving suit!!!

On Thursday we decided to remain out of the sun a bit more and went up to Pine Knolls to the Aquarium there. . .loved it!!  We saw the huge fish tank filled with all kinds of fish, including sharks, and even got to pet some skate, sting rays and turtles!!

Back in the car, we drove down to Swansboro and the Hammocks Beach State park where we took a Ferry Ride over to Bear Island.  You can get off the ferry there and walk the 1 mile across the island over the beach side, but we decided to stick with the boat and try that beach some other time.  We saw a couple of Bald Eagles, Egrets and some turtles on the ride! 

After a couple of hours on the beach on Friday, we packed up the car and headed home. . .as with all good things, they ultimately come to and end.  But, we all had a good time with memories to sustain us until next time!


Joy said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. Okay now down to business...Those pictures are beautiful!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - It looks like a fun filled week!!! I'm glad you all had a good time!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
What beautiful pictures! You all look like you had a great time - Even Maggie was smiling in the pictures! I can't believe how Aidan is growing up so fast!