Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Disciplining ones child is an interesting and tricky business. You don't want to be too soft, but yet you don't want to be too hard, either. Consistancy is the key. For the most part, we have hit upon a good process of discipline with Aidan: Time Out. We generally give him three chances and then, if the undesirable behavior continues, he does to Time Out. We still only go for about three minutes, although one minute per year of age is the general rule. We also have a few instances: bad language, hitting (very rare), and meanness to the dogs (very very rare) that require immediate Time Out.

ur biggest issue, as indicated, is consistancy.

Yesterday, at breakfast, the over-tired Aidan came out for a visit. He had stayed up way too late the night before, and although I let him sleep until 10:00 yesterday morning (nearly 12 hours) it wasn't enough after the excitement of Fireworks, Food, and Friends. Anyway, the over-tired Aidan came out and pretty much stayed all day. Not a pretty child. . .

Because we were going to go to the pool, Daddy decided that was the punishment, no pool and a Time Out. Aidan WAS given more than three chances, so it was a fair decision, it just hurt my feelings to see Aidan so upset. But, we carried it through. On the way up the stairs to his room, Aidan began to sob. . .and I mean sob! My heart was being ripped out I hurt so much for him!!! And so, the bigger problem, or maybe the culprit of the consistancy issue: Mommy is a softie.

We did end up going to the pool and stayed for three hours, but inevitably, the overtired Aidan came back to rule the roost. Home we came, more Time Out and then while fixing dinner, I looked and found Aidan sound asleep on the couch!!!

Poor baby can't handle so much excitement!

Here are some pictures from the Fourth and culminating in the overtired Aidan asleep on the couch:


Becky and Keith said...

Oh Stacy... I feel your pain!! If you take your blog post and replace "pool" and "Aidan" with "lake" and "Andrew" you will have described yesterday perfectly for us. I have such a hard time with the sobbing cries and, unfortunately, Andrew knows it. I also dread the morning after a late night so I'm immediately on the "defensive" waiting for the bad attitude. I'm trying to get better and not give in so easily but it is HARD. From one softie to another - we can do it!!! :-)

Kristine said...

A tired child is a big headache. The only cure...sleep....for everyone! lol

He is precious..even when he is upset.

I also read your post below about moving and job change and that can be so hard, but God definitely shut the door for you and sometimes that is so much nicer and easier than having to make the decision without a clear answer, you know? I do love the I know your pain.

Joy said...

I agree with you being consistent can be so hard. Anna whines way more for me then anyone else. Mostly because I tolerate it. Gerard will sit with her and hold her and tell her she can not get up until she stops whining it could be 5 minutes or up to 10 minutes.

It is so hard.