Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scubin Divin'

Aidan hears Mommy and Daddy talk about diving trips and now he's starting to talk about wanting to go too. In fact, he pretends he is "scubin divin" while we are at the pool. It's sooo cute! I'll have to get some pictures of him with his fins, mask and snorkle on when we're at the beach. . .

Speaking of the beach. . .we're off this Saturday to Emerald Isle, North Carolina!!! I can't wait to go. It's been two years since the three of us have been anywhere on a trip just us three. It will be soooooo great. We'll be able to do this every day:

I'm off on Friday and will clean the house, finish packing and then off to Red Door Salon to start my vacation right: massage and pedicure!!! Woo Hoo!!

In other news, there has been some stuff going on with transition at Aidan's school. Many kids are taking the summer off and so this has created some openings in the Pre-K. Thus, many kids moved up from Aidan's class early--transition time is supposed to be all together as a class the Tuesday after Labor Day.

These children who have moved up have been in Aidan's class since last September and they have all become great friends. Many came to his birthday party in May. But, now they have all moved up (their birthdays are all before Aidan's, with the closest being about a week before his). We didn't realize this was happening until Aidan said something. Then, on Monday, I took a look around and noticed none of Aidan's friends were in the class with him. Then, on Tuesday, I noticed all of Aidan's friends names were in the Pre-K class. . .what's up with that???? I said something to the Director and the line I got was that it was about openings and then kids moving up. . .yada. . .yada. . .yada. . .

Suffice it to say, I didn't feel all that satisfied. . .especially when, this morning, while on the way to school, Aidan said, "Every day when we're outside, I ride my bike up to the Pre-K window and wave and Charlotte always waves back!" Charlotte was one of his PSIII friends. . .My heart felt hurt for my Aidan! I asked him if he was okay with this and he said yes, but I still felt I need to go back to the Director and tell her he said this. It just doesn't seem right that one child gets left behind due to not enough vacancies!!! I mean what kind of message is this giving my child???

Finally, I will leave you with the sweet early morning smile of my son with his new friend Milo--a gift from Mama's friend Dana:

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Joy said...

I think you guys are going to have a great time. I can not wait to see pictures!