Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Farm Fun

Time is marching right along, isn't it??  When consulting calendars to get together with some friends, we discovered our next mutually available date is Saturday, December 4th. . .so we scheduled a get together to go cut down Christmas trees.  Okay, I know.  It's only early November still, but December 4th is only a little more than 3 weeks away!  That got me panicking a little so I have been shopping for those gifts that need to be mailed across the country so they can be sent the weekend of Thanksgiving. . .which is only TWO weeks away!!  Yikes. . .Oh, and, yes I also cleaned out Target of those small round pearl colored lights for the tree. . .: )

But, in the meantime, and despite our crazy work/hunting/ice skating/school/swimming lesson schedules, we are having some fun!

Sunday, after church, Aidan agreed be a part of the Children's Christmas Pageant at Church, so he and I met with everyone else in the Music Room and sang some Christmas songs. . .it was adorable!  I can't wait to see him and all the other children present this wonderful array of songs. 

Then we dashed off to Ashburn to ice skating lessons. . .Aidan needs to strengthen his ankles some, but he is doing really great.  He is the best backwards skater in his class!!  Awesome. . .

Then, we dashed back to Leesburg and met up with our church buddies at Temple Hall Farm for some fun in the really chilly sun.  Seriously, it was cold.  But, Aidan didn't care!  He has become buddies with the Rectors son, Owen, and the two of them were inseparable the whole afternoon--running after the chickens, turkeys, pigs, and even riding the camels!  I wouldn't have let Aidan do this, he is only four, but Owen is really hard to resist, so the boys even shot corn cobs out of the corn shooter and then pumpkins out of, what looked to me, like a surface to air missile launcher. . .And I have to tell you, proudly, my son was an excellent shot!  He's still a little small--not much upper body strength yet--to really control that big gun, but he did great!!  His daddy would have been proud.

After all of that, we met Daddy back at home and went out to dinner.  What a full day!  And what a blast.  We, all three of us, crashed early and slept well.

And now I'll leave you with a few pictures from our day at Temple Hall Farm:

The camel ride with Owen.

Aidan's next favorite thing, the cow train!

Getting ready to chase the pigs.  The farm worker was explaining how they would run around and getting the children to name the pigs.

Aidan was chedking out the pigs in the cages. . .

Waiting for the pig race to start. . .

I am just not sure I like this, Mama!

Okay, I'm happy again.  Especially since Taylor is letting me ride with her!!!

And, one more train ride before we head home. . .

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Barb said...

Looks like it was a fun, albeit cold, day. Hey, I didn't know you had camels in Virginia!