Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, November 5, 2010

Then and Now

Three years ago today, I opened my email and saw my son for the first time:

My heart was so full of love, joy, and hope I cried.  We still didn't have travel dates. . .but that was soon in following--like 4 days later we found out we were leaving 9 days after that!

Now my little monster is growing up and is really looking more and more like a little boy.  He's not a baby anymore. . .

My heart is still very full of love, joy and hope.  And I still weep when I think about what a great gift we have been given.  But now, three years later, we are living it. 

Thanks be to God!

PS.  It's these comparison pictures that really get me!  You don't notice how much they are growing, right in front of your eyes, and then you see some old pictures and you think, "Wow!  When did that happen???"


Doug and Shelly said...

It's amazing how fast they change isn't it? I made a comment to my oldest daughter about how sad it made me to think that she was growing up. Her matter of fact reply was, "Well Mom, that's how God made us!" Enjoy every moment!

sonflowerjax said...

Wow! What amazing growth and maturity! I am crying now! :) Of course, happy tears!!

Barb said...

Aww - he's so cute! What a little man he's turning into!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy 3 years! I can understand how excited you were when you saw those photos 3 years ago!!!!