Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bob Book Update

I'm so excited for Aidan!!!  He completed his third Bob Book yesterday!!!!  AND, when we did his flashcards yesterday morning, he zipped right through them!!!  That means we are only about a week away from buying him his first Hockey helmet. . .Bribe #1  :  )

And, he now knows all of the Presidents names, in order that they were President!!!  When he will sit still long enough, I'll get it on video.  Soooo cutre!!!

Way to go Aidan!!!!  Keep it up!!  I am soooo proud of you!!!


sonflowerjax said...

Your sweet boy just continues to blow me away! :) Maybe when I return to work on the 14th, Aidan can come teach my 4th graders!!! lol

Author's Daughter said...

Hi Stacy, Pat and especially Aidan

Congratulations to Aidan from us here at Bob Books. We are so happy to hear of Aidan's success as he ventures into reading. He sounds like a great kid - one to be proud of.

Way to go, Aidan!

Best, Wishes
Lynn Maslen Kertell