Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bright Spots. . .

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am it is Thursday!  I'm exhausted.  Pat's had larangytis and has just come off the midnight shift, we had a terible wind storm and our temperatures have been down, then up, then down, and now back up.  I've had a very long week following a very unrestful weekend. . .but it's about to get better!  And, there were some really bright spots in this dismal week, so let me tell you about those. . .

Sunday, I had Altar Guild so Aidan and I left for church at 8:45.  We didn't leave church until 11:45. . .the perils of being a church in a box!  We headed straight for the Ashburn Ice House for Aidan's Hockey lesson where we found out he passed!!!  Now we can sign up for Hockey 2!!! 

Monday was Valentines Day and Aidan's school had a sock hop so the kids were supposed to dress up 50's style. . .do you think they understood 50's style when ALL of the parents and teachers were born after the 50's??  But, it was cute anyway.  Here's my little 50's man!

I even did a little duck tail in the back. . .he was sooo cute!

After school, when I picked him up, there was an adorable hand print picture--went to work with me, and a paper flower.  Love them!!

On Wednesday, my new iPhone arrived.  I am still working on setting it up, but it's coming along.  I need to do something about the ring. . .can't seem to hear that!

Today, the weather was gorgeous.  It went up to 67 degrees and at least partly sunny.  Pat picked Aidan up from school and they were able to stay outside until dinner time.  Pat called me outside at one point and this is what I found:

He is all boy!  And lest you worry, the tree is not very tall yet and Pat was right with him the whole time.  The impressive thing is that he climbed up there all by himself!

We have more busyness coming up: Furniture shopping this weekend for the kiddo's bedroom, Mardi Gras party, and the 3 Year Post Placement visit-- for which I have been getting loads of pictures ready.  But, first, we have a nice 3 day weekend during which I plan to sleep in (I hope) and catch up on all kinds of resting hang out time--thank goodness the housekeeper is coming tomorrow!!

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