Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Midweek Midrash

Aidan is back in Swimming Lessons.  He started back last week.  There were three in his class the first night and his teacher was one I didn't like--Zora--but Pat thinks she is great.  At the end of the lesson, one child was moved up to another class which left two:  Aidan and a little girl who is 3 days younger than Aidan.  He had his second lesson on Monday night and it was just Aidan!  A private lesson without the expense of it.  He has 6 more lessons. . .if this keeps up, we might be finished after this set! 

Saturday is another birthday party.  I think we have hit birthday party season.  This one is at the pool, so the lessons will tested--I won't let him leave my sight or go to the deep end, though!  We have another party on the 26th at the Discovery Museum in Winchester.  February has been a busy birthday party month!

Here is Aidan at the last party we went to. . .I think he has outgrown the little plastic cars, don't you think?
Yes, that's right, he has picked the car up and is walking it!  : )

Aidan's room is coming along.  I have taken the vinyl portion of the wallpaper border off and will do the bakcing portion this weekend and then put up the new wallpaper border.  Meanwhile, we have blown up the planets, which are much bigger than I thought!  I may have to rethink how they will be hung in his room. . .

This is Saturn. . .you should see the Sun!  I have finally found the comforter that will be perfect for his room--blue background with stars on it, and some nice blue curtains with a blackout lining. . .his shades are room darkening, too!    Those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling will be put to good use!

WE are getting ready for Valentine's Day and have started signing the cards for the kids in Aidan's class. . .Aidan is doing it himself from a list.  We had some nice little boxes of chocolate for his teachers, but came home last night to find that they  were gone. . .boxes and all. . .Maggie ate them!!!  This followed the Chocolate Chip muffins she ate on Sunday while we were at church. . .Crazy dog!!  I guess we won't be leaving things out anymore!

Our snow is almost gone.  While it is still cold, the weatherman says we will be in the low 50's by the end of the weekend!  Woo Hoo!  Maybe the Groundhog was right this time and we will have an early Spring!

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