Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The I Wants. . .

It's official.  I have "the Wants."  I want Spring--sooo tired of Winter; I want to see more sunshine; I want warmer temperature--not hot, just warmer;  I want another three day weekend.

I loved this past weekend.  I didn't get as much rest as I had wanted--little boys sometimes get scared at night and need to come sleep with Mama and Daddy (sleep on top of Mama).  But, that is a small price to pay.  The household chores were taken care of by our wonderful Sofia on Friday and we had the whole weekend to play and just do family things. . .

After our furniture shopping experience on Saturday, Sunday was much quieter.  All we had was church and then a little shopping at Costco followed by an afternoon of watching the Caps win...

Monday Pat had to go back to work, but Aidan and I were still off.  He slept until 8:30!  woo hoo!!  I took him to the Ice Rink in Ashburn thinking we'd do a little skating and skills practicing. . .didn't realize there would be hockey tournaments going on!  Aidan loved it!  He walked between the two rinks watching the guys playing and just took it all in.  The players were awesome.  Each time they noticed this little boy wandering around looking at them while holding his hockey helmet, they came up to him to do knuckles.  Too cute! 

While at the rink, I had Aidan measured for the hockey gloves and got prices on sticks, etc.  Good to plan!

Then off to the Mall to buy the kiddo new sneakers. . .he is now a size 13!  Yikes!  Two pairs later and we were ready for some lunch.  Aidan was soooo good.  He listened, and did as I asked and we just really were having some fun so off to the Merry Go Round for a ride!    A couple of stops on the way home and then back home to work on the homework assignment.  Dinner out and then another Caps win, this time over the Penguins. . .he he!

Although the homework assignment wasn't fun, and probably not the best way to end a great weekend, Aidan did really well with his word identification.  I am very proud of all he has been learning and how well he is doing with it. 

But, I still want another three day weekend. . .and some warmer weather, please!


Michelle said...

Hi Stacy,
I agree with your wants!!! =) and can't wait to do "hockey time" with my little guy! FINALLY starting my adoption!! Wahoo!!

Joy said...

I want warmer weather too!

Melissa said...

I want spring too! Although I must admit I do enjoy a snow day now and then. But I've had enough. My little guy NEEDS to go outside.