Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eve of the Eve of Christmas Eve

I'm so tired. . .We've been so busy!!!  But, it's all been good stuff.

I've been wrapping a little at night and in the early morning, baking something nearly every night, making sure the house is still neat and still trying to keep up with my running--although, as my previous post suggests, my eating habits have taken a nose dive!

I have one more gift to buy and then wrap, which will happen tomorrow.  I have made Christmas dessert--white chocolate mousse stuffed in a chocolate tulip shell with crushed candy canes on top; Christmas Eve salad--red cabbage salad; am defrosting the Prime Rib Roast so I can start marinading it tomorrow and even found time to finally figure out how to set up Aidan's Leap Pad that Grandma and Grandpa are giving him!!!--the secret was in disabling the firewall, virus scan and the virus shield!  Now if I can just figure out have to re-enable those things!!!

Tonight we took Aidan ice skating.  Fun stuff!  And we got his picture taken by the tree at the Ice House:

I checked out the Stick and Shoot class that a friend has gotten him for Christmas. . .wow.  This is going to be fun for him.  Hopefully, Coach Joe will be able to be there with him and help him out.  Aidan really listens to him.  I'll find out for sure next week.

Aidan and I are both off now until January 3rd.  We're hoping Daddy can spend some good family time with us, too, but we will still have a lot of fun.  We have much planned!  So much so that that will need to be saved for another post.

Meanwhile, goodnight.  Sleep tight.  May your dreams be filled with sugar plum fairies and silvery Christmas bells. . . .

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