Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Visit with St. Nick

In years past, we have not been as good about getting Aidan's picture with Santa done in a planned sort of way.  When he was two, we saw Santa after the Leesburg Parade, at Winwood and at a Hot Chocolate with Santa event at our park.  But, no mall Santa picture that year--he came down with RSV about this time so we couldn't really take him a lot of places.

When Aidan was three, we did get the picture with Santa at the mall. . .on a day I had kept him home due to Bronchitis and Pat decided we should go to the mall. . .jeans had a hole in the knee, he was wearing an older shirt that just barely fit and his camoflage shirt. . .oh and he had gum in his mouth!!

When Aidan was four, we did basically the same thing.  Although this time it was double ear infections and a terrible cold.  But, the outfit was the same!  Holey jeans, camoflage boots and an old shirt.  I don't thing he had gum in his mouth this time, though. 

Don't get me wrong, these were adorable pictures as any picture of my child can be!  But, it wasn't the sort of thing that we planned!

So, in a burst of holiday energy, we decided to buy the VIP pass and head to the mall after work yesterday.  I prepaid for our pictures which then guarenteed us a place in line (#2 as it turned out!!), Pat picked up Aidan, gave him a bath and got him dressed in his special Christmas outfit (although he didn't do the nice shoes I had set out and left him in his ratty old sneakers!  sigh. . .) and off we went as soon as I got home! 

We had told Aidan we were going out to dinner but that we were going to stop and see someone special first. . .is it Nana???  no. . . .I want it to be Nana!!! How cute is that?!?!  : )

We got to the mall and parked and I woke Aidan up (he falls asleep in the car all the time!) and he saw where we were. . . is Santa here???  YES!!!  Inside we went. . .

Where Santa was on a break!!  So, we went over and got our line placement and did a little Christmas shopping--now all the teachers are done!!  5 of them!!!  And then headed over to Starbucks so Mama could have a coffee while we waited.  Pat and Aidan went off to the Sport Store to look at Caps pictures. . .and came back with about 15 minutes to spare. . .

When can I see him???  When will Santa be here???

And here he is, all dressed nicely, talking it over with the big guy. . .And when asked if he'd been good, Aidan replied. . ." yes. . .and no."   Santa looked over at us and smiled big!  What a good boy!!!

Fun night and finally a nice picture of Aidan with Santa. . .

Happy St. Nicholas Day!


Joy said...

What a wonderful memory. He looks very handsome.

Barb said...

Love it! What a little sweetie;)

sonflowerjax said...

So handsome and adorable!! :) Loving this time of year!

sonflowerjax said...

So handsome and adorable!! :) Loving this time of year!