Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Official. . .

I am a Hockey Mom.  Sounds a bit like a confession, doesn't it??  But, really.  I think it's true!

Yesterday found us back to the Ice House after a week off.  Didn't realize we missed the place!  But, we did. Aidan's little face lit up when we got there, although prior to that he had been tired and cranky all day.  The minute we walked in, smelled the ice, heard the sound of skates on the ice and he brightened up and started laughing and was super excited.  In fact, I couldn't get him dressed fast enough!!  He was afraid he would miss one minute of ice time!!  He didn't.  He was dressed and ready to go the minute the Zamboni finished.

In spite of an early bathroom break (something about having an entire can of Tomato Soup and a huge glass of milk for lunch!. . .) he did really really good in the skills class.  I would say he was in the top ten of all the kids on the ice, about 30 or 40 or so and he is definitely the youngest out there.  They had to this one skill where they had the stick out in front and to the side, skate fast down the length of the rink while controlling the puck.  Aidan did it perfectly!!  I could hear Coach Joe saying something to him about being in the NHL. . .  : )

Other skills worked on were taking the puck in a tight turn and then going for the goal.  Aidan needs to pick up his speed a bit on the turn, but otherwise did amazingly well on this.  And the final skill was two players came from opposite sides, received a pass from the coach and then had to battle it out for control of the puck and then try to score.  Aidan beat the much bigger player to the puck both times he had a turn and then scored!!  I was beaming, needless to say.

Then, after our jersey change and a quick snack, Aidan went out for his Mini Mites session.  Normally on the first Saturday of the month, they work on skills but I had gotten a message from the head of the Hockey Program that they were going to play instead because we just had a week off and December is a short month.

Aidan went back on the ice enthusiastically and scored 7 goals against the three teams he played.  It was awesome!!  Of course, by the time we got home, he was saying it was ten goals. . .already with the exxageration!!  : )

The funny thing about Mini Mites was that all of the Ashburn XTreme coaches were there watching the boys play.  I could hear them talking about each one--the good and the areas that need improvement.  I heard nothing but good things about my Aidan!  When Aidan came off the ice, they all congratulated Aidan by name and told him about how good he had skated and played!  Aidan was beaming. . .I was thinking to myself " I think my baby just got recruited for the XTreme!" 

After changing (and snacking on what we brought) we went to say goodbye to Coach Joe and to tell him we wouldn't be there next Saturday, but we'd be back on the 17th.  He is so awesome.  He told Aidan he wanted his autograph so he could show people he knew him when!  : )

On the way home, Aidan gobbled the rest of the snacks I had brought and was a littel chatterbox about hockey the entire way.  Quite a difference from the sleepy grumpy kid I'd had in my car on the way there. . .

I insisted he go to bed after the second period of the Caps game last night. . .it was after 9:00.  You would have thought I was the meanest Mommy ever!!!  But, he fell asleep quickly.  My little Hockey Player. . .tuckered out by an afternoon of hockey. . .


sonflowerjax said...

Love this!!! We brought Landon to watch the flyers practice this week, and getting him into skates is next on the agenda! :-) so excited to read about your lil hockey player!!!

Joy said...

What a wonderful feeling. You can see how much he loves hockey in the pictures that you have posted. I think I will be stuck in a smelly stable.