Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend Review of the Week

Blink!!!  and a whole week just went by! 

Seems like yesterday we were at the Ice House watching Aidan play and now we're getting ready to go tomorrow fo the next week of games.  Well!  Time is flying and we're having some fun!

In the next few pictures, Aidan has an Orange sweater on and yellow socks. . .

At Center:

Gearing up to score. . .with a one time, no less!!

Ready for the puck to drop. . .

Daddy as the Bench Boss. . .  : )  So cute and so fun!!

The week progressed into Monday, as expected, but it wasn't so great.  I had a call late on Monday evening that our house cleaning lady was cancelling on us for the week. . .3 days notice!!  Yikes!!  Okay, I know it is a luxury to have a cleaning lady.  But really.  I love having that free time with Aidan.  Especially when Pat works--like he had to today.  And, I'm sorry to say, I can not let the house go.  Drives me bananas to have a messy house!!  So, I cleaned house today.  For the first time since last June!! 

And I discovered several areas that my cleaning lady has not been keeping up with.  And I was not happy about that.  And Aidan said, "Mama, the house smells really good today!"  And I realized that I haven't noticed that it smelled really good for a long time now.  And I think I may need to have a discussion with our cleaning lady. . .

Our house really does look and smell good today!  : )

Today marked the very first time I took Aidan to a birthday party and then left him there. . .not comfortably, but I did it.  It was okay.  Aidan did fine.  And we survived.  It was a right of passage, I think. 

The Caps won today tying up the Series 2-2!!!!  Woo Hoo!!  Way to go Caps!!!

Pat and I had a date night last night.  Our neighbor, Ava--love that girl--came over to watch Aidan while we went out to dinner and did birthday shopping for Aidan.  I'd tell you what we bought him, but then I'd have to. . .well, anyway, I think we'll just wait to share that until after he opens his gifts!!!

Our house looks and smells really good today!!!  : )

The other day at dinner, Aidan told us he had read "Go Dog Go" and "Green Eggs and Ham" to his class before Announcements at school.  He announced this achievement as though it was something really special and I definitely took it as such!  So, at bedtime, I had him read me "Green Eggs and Ham."  Absolutely perfect!!!  OMG!!!  When did my baby become such a great reader!!!!  Seriously folks, I knew he could read well, and we work with him daily, but really.  I had no idea he was this good!  I am feeling like such a proud Mama. . .

Today was Cinco de Mayo.  In the tradition of a former Southern California girl, I made homemade Tacos and Tostadas for dinner.  While sipping a Margarita, of course.  My boys enjoyed it and I taunted my baby sister, who went out to dinner for Mexican food, with a great picture:

Yes, I even make my own taco and tostada shells.  So much better.

Have I mentioned how great our house looks and smells today???

And so, tomorrow is Sunday.  Church and then we're meeting friends at the Ice Rink for Free Skate and then Aidan plays his hockey games and then we'll have dinner at the rink.  Fun Times!!

The Caps play back in New York again on Monday and then come home for Game 6 on Wednesday.  Go Caps!!!

Whew!!  I'm exhausted from making our house look and smell so good. . .time for a Baileys and then bed!


sonflowerjax said...

You've motivated me to clean...but Greg is going to sleep and i have go be quiet, and have two boys to keep quiet...don't know what will actually get done...

sonflowerjax said...

My phone Blogger cut me off... Secretly wishing for a flyers v caps stanley cup finals series!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Loved the taco picture:)!!!! Mom made us some a couple of weeks ago:) LOL!!! Hey Stac' does your house smell good? hahaha:) xoxo Amy