Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Week

I'm trying to get caught up on some things and it just seems like I don't have enough time!  But, it should be better this coming weekend.  We only have House League game and practice and one practice for the Selects hockey team.  That means we can get caught up on yard work, closet clean outs, family time, etc. . .yeah!

Speaking of cleaning out closets, I had taken all of the pants out of my closet and had started to sort them, in the guest room, while Pat was away on his hunting trip.  I hadn't actually gotten very far, but wasn't worried--they were in the guest room and I could shut the door--until Pat called and said his buddy and his son were probably going to stay the night on the way home to their house down in Louisa County.  PANIC!!!  But I powered through and got it done.  Now that 1/4 of my closet looks spectacular.  Hopefully, I can do the rest soon and before that 1/4 goes to heck again! 

Aidan's football season ended a week ago yesterday.  His team had another practice and then a big Jamboree on Saturday.  But, since he had a hockey game at the same time on Saturday, I opted to end his season a bit early.  He didn't seem to mind.  The Monday night game was a make up for when it rained a couple weeks ago.  Nice concept.  However, these were 6 and 7 year old little boys who started a game at 7:00 at night.  On a school night.  They started well, but by half time, half of the boys had hit a wall. . .bedtime had come and they were not there!  Poor little guys.  Aidan hung in there, but I could really see he was exhausted.  The game didn't actually end until after 8:00.  By the time I got him home, showered, snacked and into bed, it was 9:00.  An hour after his bed time.  Much too late for my little man.  But, it's over now.  We can focus on hockey now.

Our weather has turned absolutely beautiful lately.  Cool and crisp.  Perfect Fall weather!  Love it.  Time for a fire. . .maybe this weekend.

Last Saturday we had a nice little party on our pipestem.  Hot dogs and sides and a lot of socializing and kids playing in their Halloween costumes.  We even brought out the fire pits and did s'mores.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves.  I think next time we will do a pot luck out there. 

Speaking of Halloween. . .Aidan has a great costume again.  He picked it out last July.  I'm not telling what it is, but it is kind of related to last years. . .guesses???  I'll reveal it after the big night!!

And back to hockey:  So, Aidan's team has now split into two definite teams, A1 and A2.  Aidan made the A1 team.  This is a huge accomplishment and I'm very proud of him.  He's been working very hard.  On Saturday's game against Reston (which they won huge!!) Aidan had a couple of things he needed to correct and improve on.  His coach talked to him about it and so did Pat and I, explaining ways he could make it better.  During his house league game on Sunday morning, I saw him do some of those changes and then during the Sunday afternoon game against Frederick (which they also won huge!!) the rest of the changes were made, plus some!!  I was very excited for him and how he played.  And proud of how he responded!  For a 7 year old little boy to respond that way is really amazing.  He and his line are really playing well together.  Can't wait to see how they continue to improve over this season.

Aidan's team is under the Xtreme shield, so they will be listed on the Xtreme website.  Can't wait to show him that!  Xtreme is part of the CBHL, which is part of the USAHL.  CBHL stands for Chesapeake Bay Hockey League.  However, I have heard parents jokingly call it the Capital Beltway Hockey League.  After our trip to Bowie last weekend, I can see why!  Around and around and around the Beltway we go. . .

Aidan in his new uniform.  Look at that kid from Frederick he was up against!!  Fully a head taller!!  Aidan said he was "as tall as you, mama!"  : )  And yet, my Aidan outskated him! 

It was grouse Pat was hunting and I still don't know what to do with that. . .

Our porch is supposed to be completed this week.  Finally.

Mom got good news at the Oncologist yesterday, but was told that if it comes back again, she cannot have any more treatment.  So, we'll pray it doesn't come back!!

But, my sister Amy is not doing well.  Her Lupus has progressed and she has been getting terrible headaches because of it.  Hopefully, she got some news at her doctor appointment that will help with this.

That's it for now.  Hopefully, I'll have more pictures to share next time.  Have a great week!

Happy Halloween!!

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