Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lotsa Stuff

All three of us are doing some kind of traveling these days in our own little/big ways.  It will be a little extra crazy around here, though, until the end of this month because of my travel and Pat's travel.  But first, about Aidan's travel. . .

As indicated in my last post, we had been waiting to hear if Aidan would be nominated for the Select Travel Team tryouts.  This was open to the kids in the House League born in 2005 or 2006.  Well, we did find out on Tuesday afternoon that Aidan had been nominated!!!  Tryouts were on Sunday morning at 6:00 am.  Yes, I know I am the mom, but really, I watched Aidan skate and he was truly one of the best out there!  I was very proud of him.  He's come so far. 

Aidan is the closer one.

He had game right after with his House Team, so we were both exhausted by the time we got home.  We had to wait to find out. . .HE MADE IT!!  Woot!  Woot!  He was so excited when I told him.  All he can talk about now I getting his pant shell, stickers for his helmet and the warm up suit. . .Yes, you do actually have to play, Aidan!

My travel will be this weekend.  I'm going to see my mom.  She hasn't been doing very well and needs one of us to come and check on her.  I plan to make sure she has a stocked frig and pantry, clean house and that the Visiting Nurse is doing everything for her that needs to be done.  Although I hate to push her, I will also talk to her about really thinking about moving closer to one of us.  She's so far away we can't help her very easily and she had reached a point where she needs our help.  This is a quick trip.  I leave Friday morning and will be home again Monday afternoon.

Pat  is also preparing to travel.  He leaves on the 19th for a hunting trip to Maine.  I'm not sure exactly what he's hunting, but I'm sure he'll have fun.  He'll be back on the 26th in time for our little Halloween party.

Waterford had it's annual fair last weekend.  Working in Waterford takes the fun out of going on the weekends, but I usually have free tickets and a parking pass to park at my work.  My company gives us a 2 hour lunch on Fair Friday so I get to see most of it.  I had thought I'd take Aidan this year, but it was really hot this weekend. . .in fact it was 90 on Saturday!  Yikes.  I melted enough at his football game so I decided to wait until next year.

But, this is also the time of year when Halloween is really gearing up.  We have started to decorate the front yard--although things had to be moved to the porch because of the storms that came through yesterday.  We've got our witch, ghost and spider and soon the shrub monster will also go out.

And you get a little sneak peak of our still almost finished porch. . .

Academic Achievements
Aidan is doing really great in school.  He loves his class and he is learning so much!  He is reading like a champ and has actually moved into Chapter Books.  He is working really hard on his Math and Social Studies too.  But, what has really amazed me is his behavior.  Last week he came home with this:

He had earned enough stickers on his red feather (you get one sticker for acts of kindness or helping out, etc) and now is working on the next feather.  When you fill your feather, you get this certificate and get to choose something from the prize box.  I'm very proud of my little man.  And he was very proud of himself when he showed me this!  So cute.

Two weeks left.  Thanks be to God!!! 

Okay, back to hockey.  Aidan is doing great in his lessons with Coach Troy and really loves them.  He is having a blast on the ice.  He was a bit upset last weekend because the other team shut him down a lot. . .he still scored 5 goals.  I saw the dad/Coach of that team last night at Pictures and he was telling me that the boys all talk about my Aidan and the other Aidan (also made Selects) and how they plan to defend against them.  I was amazed!  Again, I'm his mom and really think he's good, but this was further proof--the boys think Aidan is good!  wow.  He did laugh and tell me he has heard Aidan's team work out and they even do it.  When they play Sharks and Minnows, you hear the boys on Aidan's team all yelling, Get Aidan!  And funny thing, they rarely do.  That Coach is right.  Aidan is quick and he is good!  I knew it.  : )

The latest heat wave has finally broken.  I'm hoping that's it and we can move on with fall now.  I'm ready!

That's about it.  See you soon!

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