Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Runaway Time Train

I need to get off this speeding train for a while. . .everything is going by too fast! 

Last week, we found out Aidan's hockey team was going to have it's first game while I was gone.  It was in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Yes, this was actually before our team had even practiced!  I had already made up a list of instructions for Pat of Aidan's daily schedule, so this had to be added in for him. 

I left for my Mom's on Friday morning.  It was a very long trip out there with a stop in LA on the way.  No, that's not really on the way to Las Vegas, but it was cheaper than a direct flight.  I did get a direct flight back.  The funny thing about LA was that I was instantly reminded of Russia!  Really!  It was all brown there, people were somewhat rude and it smelled like cigarette smoke.  Bleh!!  I heard last night about the dry ice bombs someone was planting at the Tom Bradley terminal. . .right where I had been. . .so, there you go.  Just like Russia!  Weird.

Anyway, I arrived in Las Vegas a little after 12:30 and was able to spend the rest of Friday with Mom.  On Saturday, I scrubbed her entire house and then went to the grocery store for her to stock up on things she could easily cook.  Sunday was spent doing the car.  The rest of the time, I just visited with my Mom, put lotion on her back and rubbed and massaged her poor swollen legs and feet.  She's not doing too good.  But, my goodness is this lady a fighter!!!  I just really wish she lived closer to at least one of us.

Pat sent me pictures of Aidan and the dogs to show Mom and she loved it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . .okay, it's not a ranch, just a house in Leesburg.  It had continued to rain.  And rain.  And rain.  In fact, we got over 7 inches of rain!!  Totally made up for the deficit we had!  Plus a lot. 

Anyway, the rain meant that Aidan's football game was cancelled.  Yippee!!  Mark one thing off the huge list of things Pat needed to do!!!  But, instead of sleeping in, my boys got up and went duck hunting.  In the rain!  And got a duck!!  I think they want to be part of the Duck Call Dynasty clan.  : )

They are just missing beards, ya see????

Not sure what we'll do with these ducks, but I did suggest that we could smoke them.  I thought that sounded pretty good, actually.

Then, later, they headed up to Hagerstown, Maryland for Aidan's hockey game.  They had to be there by 4:00 for the 5:00 game.  So, they left a little early and stopped somewhere to get one of the ducks mounted for Pat's Man Cave.  Okay, so one won't be smoked. . .

The game was apparently great.  Aidan played at Center and scored at least 3 goals.  Some of the boys need some work at staying in their position, but overall, Ashburn did really well.  Like 20-2 really well.  Yes, Ashburn is producing yet another powerhouse team!  It almost gets embarrassing sometimes.  Almost.

That's my boy facing left ready for the puck to drop.
Aidan is number 20, if you can keep up with him!

On Sunday, Pat got Aidan up early for his 6:00 am practice--where he got his new Practice Jersey that says Ashburn Xtreme and then didn't want to take it off--and then again on Monday for his 6:00 am lesson.  But, in between, I got this cute little message:

Awww. .. .don't you just love this little guy???? 

I missed him something fierce while I was gone.  And he has been so lovey and huggy since I've been back. 

But, I miss my Mom, too.  Wish she could come and see this precious little guy!!!

Anyway, after I got back, we went straight to the grocery store, then home to unpack and start laundry, then a quick dinner and back to the Ice House for an unexpected practice. . .Aidan was on the ice 4 times this weekend and he didn't even have his House League game or practice!  Whew!!  He was some kind of tired that night and actually asked to go to bed right after we got home from his practice.  Shower and PJ's and the kiddo was sound asleep.

Yesterday found me back to work.  I thought I'd be more tired because I didn't sleep a lot while at Mom's.  But, amazingly, because I didn't, I never really adjusted to Pacific Time so coming back to Eastern Time wasn't difficult at all. 

I had a Parent Teacher conference last evening with Aidan's teacher, which was great.  I thought he was struggling in Math.  But, actually, he is ahead of where he should be!  Half the class is on target and at Level 2.  Aidan is ready to finish Level 3 and move on to Level 4.  So!  There you have it!  And, he is actually ahead of where he should be on Reading, too!  He Meets expectations on all areas tested except two, which he Exceeds expectations.  And he is continuing to make very good choices.  His teacher says Aidan is very smart and is really working hard. 

I'm so proud of my little guy!!

Well, that's about it for now.  Now, we're preparing for Pat's trip to Maine and trying to finish up all the loose ends on our Porch project. . .finally.

Have a great week!

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