Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 12, 2008

More new experiences: Beach and Back to Work

What's this stuff?
Daddy left me on the beach. . .whoa! Look at those waves!!
Oh. . .cooollll!! I love the beach!

So, our trip to the beach was a huge success! Aidan absolutely loved it! When I took him out into the waves, he just laughed and laughed! We had to keep an eye on him the entire time because he just wanted to explore everything. We even took him to the pool at the hotel and he loved that, too! In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would think he had had swimming lessons at the orphanage. When told, he would put his face in the water and blow bubbles and he would kick his feet. I think he's a natural! (Yo, Adam! When should he start ont he team??? : ) )
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. . .after being off three months, I returned to work yesterday. It's not so bad, just hard getting back into the routine of it. Aidan, though, loves his Daycare. He did cry and he did the death grip thing on my neck when I dropped him off yesterday (I made Pat do it today! ) but he settled down quickly and enjoyed himself. He even smiled today, I was told. When I pick him up, he yells out MOMMY!!! That is excellent. . .I love that part of the day.
A funny side story: When we got into the adoption process, our neighbors told us that poop would take over our lives. . .we would talk about poop, think about poop, clean up poop, and throw poop away and we would even discuss it at the dinner table (texture, color, etc. . .) Well, folks, I gotta tell you. . .it's true. Poop has taken over our lives. . .For instance, this morning I was nearly ready for work when I heard Aidan wake up. I like to listen to him on the monitor for a while so I finished getting ready before heading into his room. He was saying, " Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. . ." in a sing song-like voice. I was laughing as I listened, it was so cute. So, I went to his room and opened the door and he jumped up and did his little squeal of delite and said MOMMY!!! with a big smile. Then I smelled it. And I smiled back and said, " Do you have a poopy diaper??" And he whispered, "Ka ka" (we haven't quite gotten that one out of the vocabulary yet). So I went over to pick him up and immediately saw that we had a problem. I picked him up and carried him straight to the bathtub saying "Don't move your legs and DADDY!! HELP!!" It was everywhere! Needless to say, the bed was stripped and changed and a bath was given to Aidan and everything went into the wash. Mommy's worst nightmare come true! And all before 7:30 in the morning!
So, a quick mention that today is the Russian Independence Day. We're holding out for July 4th to celebrate. . .
And, my dear blog friend, Joy, found the info on making a book out of the blog! For all you bloggers out there, the info can be downloaded from I'm going to work on mine this weekend and forget about the usual baby book thing! This will have ever so much more than a mere baby book!
Aidan says some funny words occasionally and we're not sure if they are Russian or if they are something made up. A couple of them are "Doby" and "Beot" (spelling is questionable). My sister Amy found out that "Doby" means happy. That I just love because he will sometimes say "doby, doby, doby, doby!" over and over! But, what in the world is Beot?? He has been saying this since the orphanage and sometimes it is BEOT!!! Who knows.
A final quick story: While at the beach, we went into a store to buy some salt water taffy--a must, you know. While there, we saw some pictures of dogs that had been put onto wooden plaques. There was one that looked remarkably like Maggie so I pointed it out to Aidan and Pat. And Aidan said, "kitty cat!" Hmmmmm. . .we may be onto something here. . .
Next time I may do a picture comparison of when we got referral pictures to how he looks now. Might be interesting!

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Joy said...

It sounds like the beach was a ton of fun. I am glad that you are dealing with putting him in daycare the best that you can. I can just hear him yelling MOMMY!!