Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rumble Rumble Boom Boom!

On Tuesday evening, when we got home, a front began going through our area. It was the kind that you knew would end whatever was left of summer and usher in true fall weather. It did! It's gorgeous and cool outside. However, we had some rumblyness first. . .

I ran out front and took these from the driveway. The picture is facing almost due west at the park across the street. The Catoctin Mountains are the hills on the other side of the park:

Then, while Pat and Aidan were playing with the dogs, I ran to the back of our house and stood on our deck and took these pictures: they are facing more northwestern but the park and mountains are still in the same general place.

The storm took most of the evening and night to pass through with thunder and lightening off and on. When I put Aidan to bed, he was afraid, so I stayed with him and sang him my version of the Rumble Rumble Boom Boom song. . ."Rumble Rumble Boom Boom, Rumble Rumble Boom Boom, It's just God sayin' I Love You! I Love You!" This is a variation of a song Pat's mom made up to sing to him when he was little. Well, folks, it works. Aidan was actually smiling when he fell asleep (I normally don't stay with him untill he falls asleep, but when he's afraid, or sick, it's necessary!)
In the morning, the crisp cool air had come in and Aidan said " Boom Boom all gone!"
This morning I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change and even starting to fall some. I can't wait for Aidan to check out full fall colors! I think he'll like it.


Tiger and Kar said...

The weather is turning crisp here in VA, isn't it? How cute that Aidan said "boom boom all gone!" That's just precious!

Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
I am sure Aidan will love all those Fall colors! That is so adorable what he said! You have been Tagged!!! Please post 6 ramdom facts about yourself.
Take care and have a great weekend!