Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!!!

We've been dropping into the 30's at night and only getting into the 40's during the day. . .and we have had some wind! We even heard the dreaded word- - -"wind chill" last night on the news. Winter coats came out and I had to go in search of the hats, gloves, etc., which hadn't seen the light of day since we were in Krasnoyarsk--soooooo loooonnnnggg ago! This weather is just for a few days, but it comes as a reminder that winter isn't too far off! We can have snow here before Thanksgiving--not unheard of!

Here is a sneak peak of Aidan in his costume for Halloween. It needs a couple of small tweaks, and he doesn't have his face done up, but you can see how it will look! Isn't he the most precious little cutie pie ever????
Today he is doing so much better. I can definitely say we are on the mend and getting back to normal. Thanks be to God! And Thanks be to you all for your prayers, great comments and understanding.


Teresa said...

Hi - I am so glad his surgery is over-with and everything went well! Poor little guy!
That is such an adorable costume - Great job!! He looks so cute!
Have a Happy Halloween!

Tiger & Kar said...

How cute is he?! Love the Halloween outfit.

So yeah, our weather. What's going on this week? Yesterday was just ridiculous!

Lori said...

too cute! Flip was a lion a few years ago and it was one of my very favorite of the many costumes that have come in and out of this house!

Anonymous said...

Tell Aidan GRRRRRRRR from his Auntie!!!! Happy Halloween and Say Yogurt Treat!:) Love the costume. A fun book is on its way for him!